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Intensive Spanish Courses & Superintensive – Learn Spanish in Spain

Intensive Spanish Courses - Learn Spanish in Spain

Intensive Spanish Courses are designed to quickly improve your communication skills and help you open up new academic and professional opportunities.

Intensive Spanish Courses focus on allowing you to quickly achieve Spanish fluency and to learn grammar and vocabulary that will be useful in every day Spanish.

If you have particular language needs, you can also take 1 more hours a day of individual tuition with us (One to One Spanish Course). The contents, times and starting dates of these Spanish private classes can be arranged to suit your individual needs.

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All classes with air conditioning and interactive digital white boards

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Intensive Spanish Courses

Intensive Spanish Course 20

intensive spanish courses in spain,argentina language,intensive spanish language programs, super Intensive Spanish language program,best in spanish in spain,spanish immersion programs,spanish immersion,spanish immersion schoolIntensive Spanish courses (20 lessons per week) is ideal for students who want to make the most of their time in Malaga. Learning Spanish while still having free time to enjoy the city.

Super Intensive Spanish Course 30

 Intensive Spanish language programs Malaga Spain, The Best Spanish Immersion Programs in Spain , Spanish language immersion schools in SpainThe Super Intensive Spanish Course is similar to the Intensive Spanish Course but consists of 30 lessons a week. You learn Spanish language fast and effectively…

Intensive Spanish Course 25

Intensive Spanish courses in Spain from 1 week,Intensive spanish language course, Intensive Spanish language programs Malaga Spain, Intensive & Super Intensive Courses in MalagaIntensive Spanish courses (25 lessons per week). Similar to the previous language course, but with the advantage of one more daily lesson. With this Spanish course you will have plenty of free time…

Long term Spanish courses in Spain: Malaga

long term Spanish courses in Malaga Spain, Semester Spanish Courses in malaga, Intensive Spanish Language Programs and Courses in Malaga Spain , long-term spanish courses are the cheapest on the marketLong term Spanish Course offers complete immersion in Spanish life and culture. Spanish long duration courses in Malaga Spain. long-term Spanish courses are the cheapest on the market…

Intensive Spanish COMBI Course 20 + 5

Intensive Spanish Language Programs and Courses in Malaga Spain, Intensive Spanish Language Study Abroad Program in Malaga, Total Spanish Immersion Programs in SpainThis course consists of 20 lessons in a group plus 5 Individual (One to One). This special group “combi” course is for students who wish to improve their ability…

Intensive Spanish COMBI Course 25 + 5

spanish super intensive courses combined,Intensive Spanish language programs, Super Intensive Spanish courses in Spain to learn Spanish The COMBI Intensive Spanish Course 30 is similar to the COMBI Spanish Course 25 but has 5 additional lessons per week. You learn the Spanish language quickly and efficiently…

Individual "One to One" Spanish Course

Private Spanish lesson in Malaga for all levelsLearn how to talk in Spanish in your job, how to answer the phone/make phone calls/send emails/introduce yourself etc in a businesslike way, as well as learn about the business…

Spanish Courses for Adults

Spanish Courses for Adults in Spain, Spanish courses for adults in Spain to learn Spanish languageAll our Spanish Courses are suitable for Adults learners, exception of “Spanish for schools Groups” and “Spanish for Juniors and Teenagers”. See our selection:

Intensive Spanish Courses for Beginners

Intensive Spanish courses for beginners in Spainn from absolute beginner to advanced speakerIntensive Spanish courses for beginners in Spain. Spanish Courses for all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced speaker…

Semi Intensive Spanish Courses 15

group_students_alhambra_82The Semi-Intensive Spanish course is available to travelers/people of all levels looking to combine a Spanish language course with plenty of time for recreational activities or part time job…