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Spanish Courses in Spain Prices 2018 – Price list and Dates 2018 Spanish language courses

Price list and Dates 2018 Spanish language courses , Super Intensive Spanish Course in Malaga, , from Beginners up to Superior level, Super Intensive Spanish Course (30) in Malaga Spain,

Prices Spanish Courses 2018: at Alhambra Instituto Videos from Spanish language courses in Alhambra Instituto Malaga Spain(Malaga, Spain), we keep our costs as reasonable as possible while still providing you with top-class facilities, qualified teachers, all classrooms exterior with the latest in learning technology (interactive smart boards, multimedia).

All our prices include the organization of accommodation and the activities, but exclude enrollment fees.

One class/lesson in all our Spanish courses takes 55 minutes.

Discounted prices are available for our Intensive Spanish Courses, when booked for a minimum period of 5 weeks, all these prices can be found on our “Prices Brochure

Short term Intensive Spanish Courses Prices

WeeksIntensive Course 20Intensive Course 25Super-Intensive Course 30
1155 €185 € 215 €
2280 € 350 € 400 €
3420 € 525 € 600 €

+Enrollment fee and Material fee

Intensive Spanish Courses Prices

WeeksIntensive Course 20Intensive Course 25Super-Intensive Course 30
4560 € 700 € 800 €
5650 € 850 € 950 €
6780 € 1020 € 1140 €
7910 € 1190 € 1330 €
8999 € 1280 € 1440 €

+Material fee. Enrollment fee included

Long-Term Spanish Courses (Intensive 20) Prices

UnitLevelsPriceExtra week
8 weeksA1, A2, B1999 €-
12 weeksA1, A2, B11440 €+ 110 €
24 weeksA1, A22880 €+ 100 €
36 weeksA13990 €+ 100 €

Enrollment fee and Material fee included

One to One Spanish Courses Prices

One to One General Courses PricesIntensity/per week1 student2 students3 students
Individual 1010 individual lessons290 €195 € / student145 € / student
Individual 2020 individual lessons540 €340 € / student250 € / student
Individual 3030 individual lessons750 €450 € / student350 € / student
1 extra lesson29 €21 € / student15 € / student

+Enrollment fee and Material fee

Semi-Intensive Spanish Courses Prices

Semi-Intensive Courses PricesLessons per weekUnitPrice
Semi-Intensive Course 1515 group lessonsTwo weeks (minim.)240 €
Summer Course15 group lessonsTwo weeks230 €
Spanish for Seniors Course20 group lessons and cultural program with transfer includedTwo weeks495 €

Enrollment fee and Material fee included in 6+ weeks course

Special Spanish Courses Price List

Special CoursesLessons per weekUnitPrice
Intensive COMBI Course (20+5)20 group lessons and 5 individualOne week300 €
Super Intensive COMBI Course (25+5)25 group lessons and 5 individualOne week330 €
Spanish for Business20 group lessons and 10 private business lessonsOne week430 €
Spanish for Lawyers20 group lessons and 5 private legal lessonsOne week385 €
Spanish and Tourism20 group lessons and 5 one to oneOne week285 €
Spanish and Cooking20 group lessons and 6 cooking classesOne week315 €
Spanish for Air Cabin Crew25 group lessons and 5 private aviation lessonsOne week320 €
Spanish for ELE Teachers25 lessonsOne week370 €
Spanish and Flamenco (private)20 group lessons and 5 private flamenco classesOne week295 €
Medical COMBI Course 2520 group lessons and 5 medical lessonsOne week315 €
Medical COMBI Course 3020 group lessons and 10 medical lessonsOne week490 €
DELE Preparation COMBI Course20 group lessons and 5 individual DELE lessonsTwo weeks (minimum)570 €

Enrollment fee and Material fee included in 2+ weeks course

Gap Year in Malaga-Spain: Price list

UnitLevelsPriceExtra week
12 weeksA1, A2, B11440 €110 €
12 weeks + 12 weeks internshipA1, A2, B11990 €-
24 weeksA1, A22880 €100 €
36 weeksA13990 €100 €

Enrollment fee and Material fee included

Optional Services

Transfer one way one people40 €
Transfer one way two people70 €
Transfer both ways one people60 €
Transfer both ways two people80 €

NOTE: The transfer service will have a 50% surcharge from 0:00 to 7:00. In case of both ways service, the surcharge will be applied proportionally.

General Terms

Enrollment fee40 € (valid for 2 years)
Course materials15 €

Over the years Alhambra Instituto has been providing Quality Spanish Language Courses for students at extremely good rates.
But as low as our prices are, it does not affect the quality of teaching you will receive when you come to study with us in Malaga-Spain.

You see, we believe, that everyone should be able to study Spanish. (Prices & Dates 2018)

The first Spanish School in Malaga and Andalucía with fully air-conditioned building with interactive whiteboards in each classrooms to enhance teaching and learning the Spanish experience. They save a lot of time of the teacher and students.

Spanish courses in Spain with all classrooms equipped with digital whiteboards, Alhambra Instituto, Spanish courses for teachers: Using Interactive Whiteboards

We integrate technology into the Spanish lessons because is an effective way to connect with students of all ages, learning styles and levels. Helps students stay engaged.

In language learning, the traditional passive model is broken. Today with technology in the classroom the Spanish teacher becomes the encourager, adviser, and coach.