Spanish Courses offers its students a wide range of activities and excursions, Social activities & excursions for students in Spain, Spanish Courses in Malaga

Social activities & excursions for students in Spain learning Spanish

In addition to Spanish language courses we organize lots of activities & excursions for students

Excursions and activities the perfect complement to Spanish courses, Social activities & excursions for students in Spain, Activities & excursions for students combined with Spanish courses are a great way of practicing Spanish in everyday situations. Learn Spanish in Spain.

Our programme of extracurricular activities & excursions for students is designed to help learners become familiar with the Spanish culture and make the most of their stay.

Combined with our Spanish courses, these activities are a great way of practicing Spanish in everyday situations and getting to know the city and the Spanish people. Alhambra gives you the opportunity to meet friends for life.

Alhambra Instituto includes a dynamic, interesting and fun leisure programme that is complementary to the process of learning the Spanish language. All activities are directed towards socializing in a learning environment and increasing the student’s knowledge of Spanish Culture. This way you will learn the language more effectively and also discover foreign customs and culture.

See below the 3 types of activity programmes. Click on the links to go to the description:

Activities organized normally by the school

activities & excursions for students learning spanish in malaga, spainMalaga discover the city: The first or second day of your Spanish course we will visit the old part of Malaga and its historical centre. Activities & excursions for students visiting the city of Malaga. This city is a wonderful place where you can learn Spanish and also explore Andalusia, a fascinating part of Spain, full of Moorish influences, famous for its relaxed, easy-going way of life and friendly locals. The climate is sunny throughout the year, with cooling sea breezes during the warm summer months.
Learn Spanish in Spain with activities & excursions for studentsVisit the Central Market in Malaga: It is a great place to go if you want to learn new vocabulary. Worth a visit for any student of Spanish, the market hall with its impressive entrance door, displays some of what the city has to offer.
The look of tons of fish and the beauty of flowers, fruits, vegetables and seafood. Outside the market hall, we will stop in one of the oldest bars or “bodega” of Malaga: “Casa El Guardia”.
learn spanish in spain with activities & excursions for studentsKaraoke: Not just the Japanese enjoy the power of Karaoke. Also Spanish people love to bawl to Madonna, Rihanna, etc. Once a week we are going to a Karaoke bar with our students and are having a lot of fun.
Chocolate y churros: This is a nice activity, we go with a teacher or person from the school to a special cafe. The typical Spanish delicacy of ‘churros y chocolate’ is a great treat during the cold winter months. Churros are a sort of cake, similar to a doughnut, but long and thin and dusted in sugar- usually created in a loop shape. In the “cafetería” they serve their churros with a hot chocolate that is so thick and creamy that it is generally enjoyed with a spoon or of course for churros-dipping!
Cultural and Historical visit of the city centre: This is a visit with a teacher that explains the main places of Malaga from a cultural point of view, is like a cultural Spanish lesson walking through the city.
Paella cooking lesson: Discover the secret of Spain’s most recognized dish, the Paella. This gives students the opportunity to learn how to cook typical Spanish dishes and afterwards, of course, they get to eat them. The idea of this lesson is not only to learn how to cook the paella, but simultaneously enjoy yourselves as in small fiesta with relaxed and great atmosphere with the other students and teachers.
You have to learn the vocabulary and the recipe in order to make correctly when you will be back.
Mountains Promenade: Time to time -depends on students- our school organizes an excursion to the mountain near Malaga. It is a good exercise and you enjoy the fantastic view of the Malaga Bay. In very clear days you can see the north of Africa.
“Safari de Tapas”: The Tapas in Malaga are influenced by many parts of Spain, but especially from Andaluasia. During the “Málaga Tapas Tour”, we’ll take you on a stroll through the city to try specialties like “pescaito frito”, seafood like “concha finas”, the best jamón and sweet Malaga wines.
We’ll also introduce you to culinary traditions from the Malaga’s region and point out some great little places for tapa hopping while you’re learning Spanish in Malaga.
Volley at the beach in Malaga: very often (during summer months 3 times per week) the school organizes a Volley at the beach and it is very popular.
At the beach in Malaga you can also practice surfing and do other sports.
Learn Spanish and Flamenco dance (Sevillanas): We organize courses in the afternoon for the students who are interested in learning to dance Flamenco. We offer groups or individual “one to one” lessons. Click here to see a video of our lessons.
The Sevillana is not an extremely energetic dance, compared to Salsa or Flamenco for example, so it is perfect for those who want a more relaxed session of exercise. You could also choose it as a complement to a more vigorous dance, in order to have a good balance. Do not be fooled however, you will still have to work hard to learn the steps as it does have its own peculiarities. If you want private lessons of Flamenco dance after your Spanish lessons, then our Intensive Course along with Individual lessons of dance is the right option for you
Learn Spanish and Salsa or Tango dance: You can combine your Spanish language course with lessons of Salsa or Tango dance lessons. You’ll be surprised how quickly you will learn the language and how much fun you have dancing! Make your study holiday more interesting and enjoyable! Feel the vibes of Spanish and Latin American dance run through your veins.
If you want private lessons of Salsa dance after your Spanish lessons, then our Intensive Course along with Individual lessons of dance is the right option for you
Bike Tour: We organize with the company “Málaga Bike Tour” a funny excursion in Malaga. It is the perfect way to get truly orientated and feel immediately home in the winding streets of the historical centre and the wide boulevards of El Parque and the Maritime promenade.
Thanks to the bicycle, you will ride through tiny back streets and pass through hidden plazas that most visitors never get to see. With our knowledgeable and entertaining guides, you will find your way through three thousand years of civilization, ride through the tropical gardens of El Parque and take a breathe of the fresh air from the sea at the beachfront promenade.

Visits to local Monuments/Museums/Galleries

The Malaga Picasso Museum: 2 times per month we organize a visit to this museum. It is located in the city centre.
12 halls of permanent exhibition gallery. Christine and Bernard Picasso have placed 204 pieces of work from their private collections at the disposal of the Picasso Museum in Malaga.
According to Carmen Gimenez, the museum director, these are pieces that cover “all the creative periods of the artist’s work”, and include creations from his youth to those which he signed at the end of his life.
Archaeological Museum is located in the castle/ fortress “La Alcazaba”. It contains important archaeological fnds from the Phoenician era to the Moorish epoch. Many of the finds were found under the restoration of “La Alcazaba” and include Roman sculptures and mosaics, Arab ceramics and other pre-historical finds.We can visit also the “La Alcazaba”.
Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions which is housed in the fantastic Mesón de la Victoria which was a seventeenth-century inn.
The museum offers us an insight into the local way of life, including trades such as saddlery, forging or vine growing. There are nineteen rooms in total where you will be able to see such exhibits as a flourmill, an oil press as well as all sorts of traditional tools.
The Malaga Wine Museum: Now the walls of the “Museo del Vino de Malaga” display more than 200 bottled wine varieties from fourteen of Malaga’s wineries. They also offer sherry, whiskey and brandy. Just as each Malaga town has its own culture and cuisine, they also have their traditional way of distilling the moscatel grape, to produce distinct flavours and attributes.
Bullfighting Museum: One of our teacher is a specialist in bull fighting and will drive you there and explain this special museum. In this museum you can find different examples of bull fighting articles as well as information about the history of bull fighting in Malaga and the rest of Spain. In this museum, dedicated to the art of bullfighting, you will surely enjoy the dazzling colors of the matador’s outfits, the traje de luces (suit of lights), along with pictures, posters and other materials that celebrate this tradition.

Excursions of half/or full day"

Excursion to Granada: Only 120 km. away we will find Granada harmoniously integrating nature and architecture, the utter beauty of the lavishly exotic Islamic complex’s palaces, patios, and gardens will leave you wide-eyed in awe. Very fittingly declared a World Heritage Site, the Alhambra reflects the unrivalled brilliance and extravagance.
From Iberian settlements to Roman Empire, Islamic Emirates, and Catholic Monarchies, all it takes is a look at Granada’s incredible architecture to realize that the city’s history is quite a tale to be told.
Excursion to Córdoba: Only 180 km. away is the magical town of Cordoba capital of the western world in the 11th century, Cordoba is not only a convenient stop in central Andalusia, but the essence of Spain. Roman, Jewish, Islamic and Castilian civilizations are captured in its streets, its monuments and its collective consciousnes.
But there’s more to Cordoba than just the Mezquita. It is a city which is meant to be explored–its sights, its smells and its tastes savored at leisure. A little square trickling with a fountain, an open doorway revealing a peaceful courtyard or a balcony overflowing with bougainvilleas…
Excursion to Sevilla: According to legend, Sevilla was founded by Hercules and its origins are linked with the Tartessian civilisation. It was called Hispalis under the Romans and Isbiliya with the Moors. Its high point in its history was following the discovery of America.
Sevilla lies on the banks of the Guadalquivir and is one of the largest historical centres in Europe, it has the minaret of La Giralda, the cathedral (one of the largest in Christendom), and the Alcázar Palace.
Part of its treasure include Casa de Pilatos, Torre del Oro, the Town Hall, Archive of the Indies (where the historical records of the American continent are kept)…
Normally 2 times per month we organize excursions to Sevilla.
Excursion to the Pueblos Blancos: Malaga is sprinkled liberally with pretty pueblos blancos, or white towns and villages.
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