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A new city, a new place to stay, a new experience…

A new city, a new place to stay, a new experience…

New experiences, Alhambra Instituto, learning spanish, doing my internship


I am Celine, a 19-years old student from the Netherlands doing my internship for 5 months at Alhambra Instituto. In the Netherlands I am studying Tourism Management at the NHTV in Breda. I love to go out for some sports, have some drinks with friends and relatives but also learn, especially languages.

Last week I arrived at the beautiful city, Malaga. I am greatly enjoying my stay here. Before my internship I visited Malaga once, but it is different though when you live somewhere or visit a place for your holiday. During the first few days I wandered through the small magnificent streets and searched for some typical Spanish restaurants, just to feel like a malaguena.

Today is my first day at Alhambra Instituto. I am already very excited to work here for 5 months. All the employees are very kind and really willing to help me. It is really nice to speak Spanish all day, but it is difficult as well. Luckily I have some time to improve my language skills here and hopefully I will be able to talk better Spanish already after a few weeks.

I keep you updated about my stay here!

Un saludo!