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Enrich yourself, learn the Spanish language.

Enrich yourself, learn the Spanish language.

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I am only here for a few days yet and I am continuously surprised by everything I see. Walking across the Alcazaba and Plaza de la Merced really is worth the walk to the bus station before heading to work. I love it to hear the locals talk (a little bit too fast) with each other and try to listen to it and understand it. The Spanish language has something magical. Me gusta la lengua!

Yesterday I read an article about the importance of the Spanish language which made me realize how important it is to learn the language. Nowadays more than 300 million people speak Spanish as a native language and approximately 90 million people have Spanish as a second language. This means that Spanish ranks as the number 2 language in the world, followed by Chinese.

Well maybe you were already aware of this, but have you ever thought about learning the language? I am studying it at the NHTV in The Netherlands. In the first year I had to choose between Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese or French. I never really thought deeply about what other language than Spanish I would like to learn, since I just wanted to learn Spanish. For years already I say I want to travel to Argentina once and also see whole Spain. I hear you thinking… You want it as well. So wouldn´t it be nicer if you could speak their language? Being able to communicate with the locals better and see their real culture?

Learning Spanish enhances the appreciation for the culture. Reading a translation of a Spanish book is never as good as the original, no matter how good the translator is, there is always some loss of context. The same goes for movies and television shows. Talking to the locals in their language is also a sign of appreciation. They might invite you for a typical Spanish dinner or meeting their family and maybe you are even able to build a relationship with them for the rest of your life.

Besides that studying languagues is very good for your health. An article in the Time Magazine showed that when you are miltilingual, your are smarter, your brain is quicker, you can better deal with uncertainty and conflicts, and it even prevent the Alzheimer´s disease.

So stop asking why and if you should learn the language, and go learn it. You won´t regret it.