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Shared Apartment with other students – Accommodation during the Spanish course

At Alhambra Instituto you have the option of living in a shared furnished apartment, individual or a double room.

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This gives you the opportunity of living with 4 or more other people from the school. You share a living room with a television, a kitchen to prepare your meals and one or more bathrooms. You will live with people of different nationalities which means you will speak Spanish.


The apartments are simple but comfortably furnished and you will find a (clothes) washing machine as well as cooking facilities and equipment.

A ‘shared student flat/apartment’ means sharing a self-catering apartment with other international students learning Spanish. These apartments are nice and very well situated, normally no more than 15 minutes walking distance from Alhambra Instituto, some are not luxurious, but have fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms, providing basic, reasonably priced student accommodation, is the most popular form of accommodation among students ” private shared accommodation”.

Shared apartment

The advantages: Shared accommodation is much cheaper and more sociable than an apartment you rent on your own. It’s easier to make friends and learn Spanish when you have flatmates. The most advantageous factor in flat sharing is its cost effectiveness.

Shared Apartment is the preferred choice of accommodation especially for students who stay longer and who prefer to be able to prepare their own food, live their own lifestyles and who appreciate, above all, the very reasonable prices.

Wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) is available in all of our shared apartments. Long term and extended stay rates are also available.

accommodation for students in Malaga - Stay with other international students at an appartmentThe significant reason for the young people to be comfortable with staying in share accommodation is they are more flexible and can adapt in any new circumstances. In a shared living you will need to share responsibilities like dishwashing, cleaning, etc.

In appartments: We ask that you reserve your accommodation at least 2 weeks in advance. Malaga is a popular destination and if you wish to book accommodation during high season we recommend you to make the reservation as soon as possible. We do accept last minute reservations when possible, please check accommodation availability with us.

Important note:

Students should arrive on Sunday and leave on Saturday. Accommodation is paid on a weekly basis. No reduction can be made for part of a week.