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Christmas in Malaga

Christmas in Malaga

Christmas time in Malaga

Come to Malaga during Christmas time and discover a city full of lights, great energy and a cool ambient, perfect to spend time in the city while studying Spanish.

You will change the Christmas tree with a Christmas palm, and you will be able to enjoy the city and a nice weather, as our temperatures are nice and warm the whole winter, and sun will be shinning. Christmas in Andalusia and Malaga is simply wonderful.

christmas in malaga, spain, lights, holidays
malaga, spain, chritmas, lights

Generally, the Christmas holiday in Andalusia starts on the 20th of December and it finishes on the 6th of January, “Día de los Reyes Magos”. But you can find a lot of Christmas shops, to buy special things for decoration, even before this period. The city becomes a great place decorated with lights, and “pascueros”, planted just for Christmas time.

As everywhere, people like to buy presents for Christmas and the streets are full of people going up and down.

But, which is the difference with other countries?

In Spain Papa Noel is not so important, like the wise men are. According to the tradition, they bring presents to the children on the 6th of January (instead of on the 24th of December): you will see a lot of parades with people in disguise representing them, giving sweets to the people.

On the other hand you can find a lot of cribs everywhere. It is part of our own culture. In each church, each mall, each school… in every public or private space you can find a crib. We put in it much more than just Jose, Maria and the baby Jesus. We normally represent all the Christmas period.

The biggest crib of Malaga is always in the Malaga hall. With 260 pieces and 150 m2.

tadition, spain, christmas,
chritmas, tradition, spain, malaga

The traditional sweet in this time is the famous “Turrón”. It is made of almonds, sugar and eggs, and it is also famous in other countries.

There are 2 kinds of turrón: the first one is from Alicante and it is really hard. The other one is form Jijona and it is softer.

We have another typical sweet of Christmas, it is called “Polvorón” and it is made of flour, fat, sugar and cinnamon. But, be careful! You should have a glass of water next to you, because it could be heavy.

polvorones, sweet, chrtimas, spain
turron, sweet, chritmas, tipical, tradition

In New Year Eve, almost everybody stays at home to have dinner with the family. We listen to the 12 chimes, and eat 12 grapes with each one. After dinner we go out for party with our friends to celebrate the New Year.

This is our way to spend the holidays. Maybe you could come and join us, to experiment something different for this Christmas Holidays.