Christmas in Málaga.

Christmas in Málaga.

If you want to visit Málaga for Christmas holidays you are not only exchanging a Christmas tree for palms but also for different traditions how to celebrate these holidays. But please don´t think that you won´t find many pieces of Christmas in the streets just because there are quite “high” temperatures and sun…Christmas in Málaga and Andalusia is very fascinating.


In general the Christmas season in Andalusia starts on 8 December and ends with the holiday of the three Wise Men on 6 January. Of course you can find many Christmas items in the stores before this time starts, but it is not that much as in other countries in Europe. One of the greatest things to find in this time are all the decorations on the streets with many little lamps everywhere and Christmas flowers are just planted for this season.

As everywhere in the entire world people want to buy their Christmas presents  and are running the streets. But what is the difference compared with the other countries you are might asking yourself. Well…here it is: For example Santa Claus is not very important here. He is just used for making commericals in media. The most important icon for Christmas are the three Wise Men. Therefore, e.g. it is usual to give presents on 6 January to your family and friends…not directly on Christmas as we do. Therefore you can also find many figures of the three wise Men in the streets.

Usually there are no real Christmas trees in Spain, just in a view huge stores or companies. The “normal” Christmas tree we know (fir tree) does not grow here. They are very very expensive because they need to be imported. Therefore many people prefer to buy one made of plastic. In contrast to that you can find a lot of mangers everywhere. You can say it is like a own culture just for that! They are everywhere. In every church, in every big company, in every school…nearly in every public and private place you can find mangers! But they are not “just” about Josef, Maria and the Jesus child. They always show you EVERYTHING of the total Christmas story. Therefore you can find the biggest manger in the townhall of the city Málaga. It includes on 150 sq m 260 figures.

Furthermore it´s not just about all the beautiful decoration. There are also A LOT OF sweets and goodies you have to taste during your trip in Spain. A typical tradition for sweets is Turrón. It´s like a mix of almonds, sugar and eggs and also known in some other countries. There are two different types of it: one is from the city Alicante, which has a very hard condition. And the other one is from Jijona and has a very soft condition. But there is another typical sweet for Christimas. The name for it is Polvorón and it consists of flour, lard, sugar and cinnamon. But be careful! The name Polvorón is derived from the word “polvo” which means “dust”…and that´s what it is…so you should always be sure to have a drink nearby. 😉



During the Christmas time you can also see and hear firecrackers which are a special tradition referring to the holiday  “Dia de los Santos Inocentes” (Day of the innocent children) which is celebrated on 28 December. It has nothing to do with celebrating the new year´s eve already. It´s a own tradition. On New Year´s Eve everyone is staying at home first. Everyone has a huge dinner with family or friends. All stores are closed. In the evening everyone is meeting on the streets and in the city centre are a lot of concerts and parties. At midnight there is a huge firework in the Port of Málaga. But for the public making fireworks on their own is prohibited. Everything comes to an end at the day of the three Wise Man. It´s the most important holiday of Christmas. The evening before people are already celebrating with huge parades in all cities. In the night everyone is receiving christmas presents.


If you want to experience the Christmas season with Alhambra Instituto in Málaga, don´t hesitate to reserve your Spanish course soon. 🙂 We are open until 19 December.