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Dear weather… Stop Showing off… we know you’re hot!

Dear weather… Stop Showing off… we know you’re hot!

Malaga. What comes to the mind when you hear this word? SUN! And now I see why.

Today, 16th of NOVEMBER 2015, temperature at 08:10am 15º C.

It’s incredible! I’m still waiting for the winter… But it doesn’t show up! It’s November and there are people wearing shorts.

“With an average of about 300 days of sunshine, Málaga experiences the warmest winters of any European city. The average temperature during the day in the period December through February is 17–18 °C”  says Wikipedia.

I’m Greek. The country of islands, Chalkidiki, sun, beaches… Still I’m impressed by the weather here…  Everyday I come back from the Instituto I see tourists In calle Alcazabilla, walking around, or going up to the Alcazaba castle. And when I say “tourists”, I mean this:

a sample of how tourists are in malaga

There are many things to do and see in Malaga, all around the year: museums, parks, castels, beach, nightlife, villages around, markets, shopping, food, sports, traditional fairs, spanish language courses.

It is a city a person could pass his life in. As compared with Granada for example, where (in my opinion) it is impossible to work, to have a normal life. Granada is more of a city for students. You cannot concéntrate yourself and be productive. Even if you go to the Grocery store, you´ll find a friend in your way there and you´ll get destructed from your initial destination.

Moreover, Malaga is a very clean city. I think they clean the streets with water every other morning.