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6 Must Try Dishes of Malaga, Spain

6 Must Try Dishes of Malaga, Spain

Malaga is known for its unique gastronomy using a lot of their local products such as olives, seasonal vegetables, grapes, sweet wine, olive oil and their oh so fresh fish in their dishes. Who can blame the Malagueños that they just love to eat when you taste these typical, distinctive and rich dishes? Here are 6 dishes of Malaga which you definitely need to try!

Dishes of Malaga is the best. Salmorejo is a variant on the gazpacho, known in whole spain, but has a more orange-pinkish colour
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1. Salmorejo

Salmorejo is famous in whole Andalusia and undoubtedly loved by the Malagueños. It is a variant of the Gazpacho, which is described by a lot of people as “the cold tomato soup”. Salmorejo has a more pink-orange colour and has a much thicker and creamier texture. That is because the basis of the soup is bread soaked in water, oil and vinegar. Afterwards more ingredients are added, like tomatoes and garlic. Salmorejo is often garnished with serrano ham and diced hard-boiled eggs. It is a perfect dish to cool off after a hot summer day.

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2. Ajo blanco

The Spanish love could soup, logically with the hot climate! Ajo Blanco is another cold soup which actually predates the gazpacho. This soup was brought by the Moors before the tomatoes had even arrived in Spain. It is one of the typical dishes of Malaga since the main ingredient is almonds and Malaga is known for its almonds production, but it is eaten throughout whole Andalusia. Ajo Blanco is a soup made of peeled and toasted almonds, mixed with olive oil and garlic and served with white muscatel grapes on top. Worth trying it once, isn’t it? ¡Delicioso!

Ajo Blanco is another typical Dishes of Malaga. It is a cold soup with the basis of almonds
Dishes of Malaga also includes the pipirrana. It is a nutricious and healthy salad which is very easy to prepare
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3. Pipirrana

Pipirrana is a cold salad made from finely chopped red pepper, green pepper, tomato, onion, olives and seafood, dressed with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. It is a refreshing and nutritious salad which is easy and quick to prepare. There are many varieties of the pipirrana, because it used to be a salad made from all the vegetables that were left in the fridge.

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4. Fritura Malagueña

When in Málaga, eat a fritura Malagueña. Málaga is known for its fish, especially frying them!  This is a dish truly malagueño.  With this dish it is normal to fry a wide variety of fishes in extra virgin olive oil and fresh flour. On a plate of Fritura Malagueña you will find boquerones, adobo, salmonete (red mullet), calamares and more! The Fritura Malagueña is served with plenty of lemon and ali-oli. ¡Super rico!

Dishes in Málaga also knows a Fritura Malagueña with a wide variety of fried fishes
Dishes of Malaga: Espeto de sardinas is a food of Malaga described often as truely Malagueña
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5. Espeto de sardinas

If there is one dish synonymous with Málaga, it is the espeto de sardinas. You have probably seen them already: sardines on spits being roasted on an old fishing boat on the beach. The sardines here are probably the freshest ones you will ever taste! The bars were they serve these sardines are called chiringuitos. Go to the beach, grab yourself a glass of sangría or a caña and get your hands dirty – it´s all part of the fun.

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6. Gambas al pil-pil

This typical dish will be an explosion for your taste buds due to its rich marinade. The gambas are served in a bowl with a marinade that still cooks at the table. Eat the gambas with some bread which you can dip into the marinade. ¡Para chuparse los dedos!

Dishes of Malaga: Gambas al pil pil is typical food from Malaga

Which of these dishes of Malaga are you going to try?