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¡Excursión a Gibraltar!

¡Excursión a Gibraltar!

Spain, excursions, england, view, rock, monkeys
Gibraltar, leisure time, england, excursion

On Saturday we had our first excursion with the school: Our destination – Gibraltar, a little bit of England on spanish ground.

At 08:00 o´clock in the morning we started our daytrip to Gibraltar. We arrived in Gibraltar around 10:30 and got immediately on our little tour bus. We drove up the steep rock of Gibraltar – nothing for people with a weak stomach! Gibraltar has a size of 6 qm, around 30.000 inhabitants – of course people from Spain, England and from other nations. People from Gibraltar love to speak in a mixture of Spanish and English – Spanglish!

From the Balcony of Europe you can see the coast of Africa – the view was amazing in spite of the fog and wind we were able to see a bit of the mountains of Africa. Next stop on our bus tour was the Gorham–Cave of Gibraltar, this cave is about 32.000 years old  and was occupied by the Neanderthal man. They research the whole cave since 1950, today the cave is decorated with a lot of colorful lights and provided as a background to nice music which creates an amazing atmosphere.

Back outside, the smallest inhabitants of Gibraltar were waiting for us: the monkeys live on the rock of Gibraltar and have their own environment. Many tourists use this opportunity for taking memorable pictures. From up there the bus took us back down to the city centre of Gibraltar. Now we had some leisure time – walking the Major Street up and down, taking a look at some shops, of course typical english ones like Marks&Spencers! Before we were meeting up at the market place again we had something to eat and something typical english… guess what it was!

Sure some Fish´n Chips!

Around 4 p.m. we went back to our bus and getting ready for our way home, but like our teacher and tourguide Lorenzo told us before, with a quick stop in Marbella – Puerto Bañus! Looking at huge yachts, pretty cars and rich people enjoying theirselves! 😉

Malaga welcomed us with a lot of sunshine!  All in all we had a very exctiting day, that we won´t forget that fast!

Gibraltar, monkeys, wildlife, leisure time, excusion
Spain, Marbella, rich people, pretty cars, sea