¡Excursión a Granada!

¡Excursión a Granada!

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Flowers, Farden, Alhambra, Granada, Andalusia

On Saturday noon we started our way to Granada – we took the bus from the main bus station in Malaga. The journey took approximately 2 hours – so we arrived arround 2 o´clock.

We checked in in the Polaroid-Siesta-Hostel where we planned to stay for one night. There we booked a deluxe room for girls. LUCKY – we had the room for ourselfs!

We got ready and went out to see the city – the most important mission for this day – buy tickets for the Alhambra tomorrow! It was harder than we actually thaught – we were running around the city to find a place where you can buy them – in the end we decided to ask in our hostel and it was the right plan! Before going back the hostel we stopped at the cathedral. The entry was 4 € per person. Totally worth it! It looks gorgous from inside, it was a pity there were no signs with descriptions for the sculptures and everthing else – only other possibility would be to buy an audioguide for 3 €.

As we walked back to the hostel we went into a few shops which are located on the main street and on the way to out hostel! As we got back, we booked the tickets for the Alhambra at the reception. We were so glad about their help! So tickets booked, short nap in the hostel, getting ready for dinner! 🙂

We walked up to the centre to grab someting to eat. On our way we walked pass a “fiesta” on the street. Young and old were dancing to live music and enjoying their evening. After eating, we decided to go back to the hostel – we had to get up really early. Because  we had to be at a certain sight at 11 o´clock at the Alhambra.

Granada, Alhambra, Flowers, Garden, Weather, Weekendtrip
Spain, Granada, Alhambra, Alcazaba, Weekendtrip
View of the Alhambra, Granada, Andalusia

Next morning – alarm clock at 8 – we got up, got ready and left the hostel around 9. We could leave our bags there so we didnt have to carry them the whole day. We walked to the Alhambra store to print the tickets, then had some for breakfast and jumped into the bus going to the Alhambra.

It was worth the stress – undescribable – flowers in every color, fountains, the amazing view over Granada, the arabic palace and of course the Alcazaba!

From the Alhambra we took directly the tipical touristy bus going through the whole city. It was the easiest way to explore almost the whole city in one afternoon. We got off the tourbus and walked to the historical centre to have some “Chocolate con Churros”. Very delicious!

Then it was time to go back to the hostel to grab our bags and make our way back to the bus station to get back to Malaga.

We are sure about coming back to Granada really soon! 🙂