accommodation in Malaga for students, Experience and live 4 weeks in Malaga learning Spanish

Experience and live 4 weeks in Malaga learning Spanish

Experience and live 4 weeks in Malaga learning Spanish


Spain’s fifth largest city is in the middle of one of the world’s most important tourist destinations: Costa del Sol.

Super Intensive Spanish in Malaga, Intensive Spanish Courses, intensive Spanish language programThe city of Malaga has a special charm which makes it a must on any visitor’s itinerary. Culture, traditions, gastronomy, an enviable and unique climate and the relaxed, hospitable nature of its people serve to consolidate the image of “Paradise City”, the name used by Spanish poet and Nobel literature prize winner Vicente Aleixandre defined Malaga city with that sentence: “a paradise between the sky and the earth, between the rocky mountains of Montes de Malaga and the seashore of the Mediterranean”.

City where civilizations such as Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and finally Catholics settled. Every single culture has left a legacy in this city that is a combination of history and different styles such as cosmopolitan city.

Located on Spain’s temperate Costa del Sol, Malaga is one of the country’s best-loved destinations.

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Jogging the promenade that stretches for over 7 km. from the centre of Málaga

There are so many qualities that make this southern Spanish city special, a city that attracts visitors like a magnet, being the home of Picasso’s birthplace, the Alcazaba, the ‘unfinished’ Cathedral, a large and diverse number of museums, and its beaches along the city with a privileged climate makes Malaga a city on the top of the list for summer destination.

Malaga city has experienced significant development in the last 20 years, retaining its Mediterranean character as the capital of the Costa del Sol
Despite being a cosmopolitan city and be heavily influenced foreign tourism, it maintains its inherent Spanishness, feature of the historic cities of Andalusia.

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Experience and live a summer in a city like Malaga will be an enriching and unforgettable experience

An important cultural offer. With the development experienced by the city in recent years, Malaga has become a true City of Museums. With its more than 20 museums, most of them concentrated in the historic center, make it one of the cities with the highest density of museums in the old town. Apart from the offer of museums, the city has a large and varied wealth of monuments, as well as a wide variety of theaters, cinemas, Flamenco shows, etc.

The city center offers a wide cultural variety. You can find all kinds of museums, the Picasso Museum, the Thyssen Museum, the Contemporary Art Centre (CAC), Centre Pompidou, and many others. And in turn monuments and historic buildings, including the Cathedral, the Roman Theatre, the Alcazaba or Gibralfaro Castle, among others.

Surely you will find the proper tour and visit in the old town, regardless of what your preferences are.

A city with summer soul. Although it is a very active and lively city during the year, the fact is that in summer, the city broadens its activity and movement of people, due to tourism and holidays. As you well know, the idea of the beaches, sunny weather, eating fish at the beach bar and so on, are pictures that come to mind when we mix the words summer and Malaga.

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Learn Spanish in Malaga. Because learning Spanish in Spain is a privilege, you must get all the advantages and opportunities of study Spanish there. Once you’ve decided you want to study Spanish in Spain, and you’ve decided the type of Spanish course that fits your needs. Now plan your trip to Malaga. Study Spanish with us!

Spanish Courses in Spain with Alhambra Instituto the perfect place to learn Spanish in SpainMalaga experiences the warmest winters of any European city with attractions, such as the lovely beaches, architectural sites, and art museums. The perfect city to learn Spanish in Spain.

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For all these reasons and many more, Malaga is a city that will welcome you with open arms and a wide range of opportunities to spend one of your best summers. If you have any doubt, do not wait any longer, Malaga is the proper city for these holidays!