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Expressions with colours – talk fluently with locals

Expressions with colours – talk fluently with locals

expressions with colours
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Finally the spring has arrived! For already a few days we hear the birds singing, see the sun more often and the blooming flowers colour the streets. Today we would like to talk with you about colours, because the Spanish language knows a lot of expressions with colours. Wouldn’t it be nice to use these expressions when talking to your Spanish neighbour or roommate? Let’s see what expressions with colours like verde, rojo, negro, blanco, morado, marrón, rosa and naranja are often used in Spain.


  • Poner verde    This expression is used when criticizing someone who is not there.
  • Ser verde        You can say that “you’re green” when you are an ecologist.
  • Dar luz verde  When you “give the green light” you approve something.


  • Ponerse rojo          This expression is used when someone starts blushing.
  • Ser rojo                  You can say “soy rojo” when you want to say that you’re a communist.
  • Estar rojo               Did you had too much sun and consequently sunburned? Then you “estás rojo”!
  • Estar al rojo vivo   Use this expression when you are excited or nervous for a certain situation.


  • Ponerse negro     Use this expression when you’re irritated or annoyed.
  • Estar negro          You have taken a lot of sun and coloured “¡Estás negro!”
  • Tener la negra     This expression is used to express bad luck .


  • Quedarse en blanco  You “quedarse en blanco” when you do not know what to say.
  • No tener blanca         Something students often deal with… Being out of money!


  • Ponerse morado    Spaniards use this expression to say they have eaten too much.


  • Tragarse un marron/cargar con el marrón     This expression can be used when you are responsible for something you did not do


  • Estar como una rosa        Spaniards use this to say that something is perfect


  • Media naranja     Finding your media naranja means finding a person with whom you want to share the rest of your life with.

Ready to use these expressions with colours? ¿Te consideras verde? ¿Recuerdas alguna situación que estuviera al rojo vivo? ¿Has encontrado ya tu media naranja? If you understand and can answer these questions you understood all of it. Learning expressions, such as these expressions with colours, takes time and practise. Eventually you will be able to express yourself better to the locals!