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How to get the most out of your language course?

How to get the most out of your language course?

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Your first language course, how exciting?! You probably invested a lot of time in finding the language school and course that perfectly fits to your needs and wishes. For sure you have some expectations about the experiences you will encounter and for sure you become more nervous every day. Do not worry! This is normal and we will help you preparing. We have some tips to get the most out of your first language course so that it will be an experience of a lifetime!

1. Be open-minded

Start being receptive towards another culture and a new way of living. This means not only accepting that there will be another culture and you will easily adjust to it. You may encounter one or more culture shocks. Things are not always the same as at home, as well positively as negatively. Embrace the differences, be curious and try to see things in a positive way. Only when you are open-minded you will see what makes the country so special.

 2. Get out of your comfort zone

That sounds scary, doesn’t it? You need to step out of your comfort zone! To get the most out of your first language course you need to say ‘yes’ to those things you might doubt about, ask questions to help you understand the culture and try to deal with your homesickness. There is nothing wrong with homesickness. Everyone has it once in a while and it only indicates the fact that you have a great home. But try to enjoy your language learning experience, because it is only for a short period of time.

3. Talk to the locals

Talking to the locals not only helps you improving your language skills, but it will also help you getting to know the local culture and feel more at home in the country of residence. The more you talk, the more easily it becomes to express yourself like they do. Learn how to greet someone, frequently used expressions and their way of humour. Forbid yourself to talk in another language than Spanish, no matter to whom you are talking to. This might bring you into some uncomfortable situations which will challenge you to be open-minded and creative with your language skills.

 4. Be patient

Do not think everything will be learned in one week. Learning a language by immersion is like learning it subconsciously. It is not possible to devote a specific quantity of exercises each day to it. You need to be in the experience for the full 24 hours. Be also aware that it does not come around spontaneously. Once you return home it is from great importance continuing practising and repeating the things you have learned. Practise and patience, the two keys for learning a language.

5. Try to use your mobile phone as little as possible

I know that we live in a century where it is almost impossible to live without a mobile phone. It sometimes even looks like those devices are glued to the hands. They indeed are useful, also for learning a language, but when you really want to get most out of your first language course it is essential to use your mobile as little as possible. The 5 minutes you can talk with a local about a certain topic or observe the local culture are more valuable moments than that picture you want to share on Instagram or checking out what your Facebook friends wrote on their timeline.

Maybe you did not make a choice yet at which language school you want to follow a language course. Alhambra Instituto is a language school that makes you feel at home. Meet all our kind and helpful teachers who have the best teaching methods for you. We asked some students about their experience with Alhambra Instituto. Do you know what they said? Watch the video!

Tips for the first time you are going to do a language course

We are sure these tips can help you preparing for your first language course! Do you maybe have more tips? Share them with us and others! Hopefully we see you very soon at our school…

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