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It´s hard to believe: The half of our time in Malaga is over! So many new impressions, let the time fly.

We met a lot of new people, international friendships arised during the time. In the past we had many nice evenings – wether Paella at the school or Tapas in the centre.

¡Nos gusta la comida española!

In the office we have a wide range of different tasks – it starts with working on the website until taking care of the students – every day new challenges. Speaking Spanish gets easier every day – our collegues support us and have a lot of patience.

The beach is our favorite place to stay after a day of work. The temperatures are getting milder, but you can still enjoy the sun at the beach and have a good swim in the sea. 🙂

Spain, Malaga, sunset, costa del sol, coast, sun
Spain, Malaga, view, apartment, sunshine, sea

During the nights it is not that warm like in July anymore, so maybe in the next weeks we are already going to wear a cardigan to dinner!

We recognize, how much we get used to the Spanish way of life. Daily matters for example eating around 10 o´clock are normal or temperatures under 25º degrees make us freeze already!

From time to time friends or family come to visit to see how we live here in Malaga.

In the last few weeks we were visiting different andalusian cities for example Nerja, Marbella, Ronda and Gibraltar. Our Andalusian favorite until now is Ronda – with its beautiful view from the Puente Neuvo and all the small alleys. The next weeks there are even more cities on our TO-DO List.

This weekend we are going to Granada, looking at the Alhambra where our school got the name from!

¡Estamos impacientes por informaros sobre nuestras experiencias!

Spain, Malaga, beach, free time, sunset, friends, picknick