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Happy Birthday Andrés!

Happy Birthday Andrés!

Who is Andrés?

Today is the birthday of Andrés! Andrés have already worked at Alhambra Instituto for more than 15 years. Before starting teaching the Spanish language at the school, he studied English Philology at Malaga University. He still sees learning English as a hobby and hopes to become proficient one day.

His way of teaching

Being a teacher is more than just teaching the language for him. It is an exciting job that allows him to meet people from all around the world and find students who become friends. At Alhambra Instituto Andrés teaches to students from all levels. Besides that he helps people with the DELE preparation course and teaches business Spanish. Andrés is typical Spanish: he loves paella, the flamenco, bullfighting and reading.

Culture is important

Culture is an important part of his job and that is also something he really likes talking about. During his classes he talks a lot about the Spanish customs and traditions. And of course some excursions and activities with students to museums and monuments to explain the history of Malaga and Spain cannot be missed for Andrés.

How did we celebrate his birthday?

Of course we cannot lot a birthday pass by. We went to the classroom with a pie and some coca cola to surprise him. With all the students we celebrated his birthday and sang ‘Feliz Cumpleaños’. Happy Birthday Andrés. We wish you all a great day!