How To Find Cheap Flights To Spain?

How To Find Cheap Flights To Spain?

Are you going to a Spanish school in order to improve your Spanish?  Creating a plan, for your arrival in your new land is very wise. Flying to Spain doesn’t have to be as expensive as you’d think. If you take the time to look around at the different options on offer you can find some good deals and cheap flights to Spain! Are you going to the country on a volunteer arrangement?

Students often are imaginative at discovering their way around holiday destinations and catching planes to Spain such as a cheap Malaga flight, Barcelona, Alicante or a flight to Madrid. Student travel trips are very popular.

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There are many things you need to consider before packing. Check on your passport requirements. You might also think about driver’s license, visa, and any other information regarding entry to Spain. Just be certain that you figure out what documentation you’ll require. At some point you’ll be asked for this at sometime in your journeys. So be prepared!

You will try to understand where the cheapest and safest travel resides. Take into consideration where you will be staying. How will get around?

Will you be sightseeing at amusement parks? Students can low-cost-flights_maincreate an itinerary allowing everything you want on a very distinctive budget. You will also need to think about your ability to maintain contact with loved ones at your personal destination.

You will want to add this expense to your budget also by calculating the exchange rates or international calling rates from the country you will be in to the country you presently live in.

home02 The length of the stay doesn’t really affect the price of the flights available, after having looked at some of the best offers around we’ve found that the flights are cheapest when you take them during the week  and not at the weekend, and that the return flight doesn’t need to be within a week or two of the outbound flight. The flights can normally be looked at on a weekly or monthly plan on the companies websites, and you can get an over view of the different flights they do and the prices, and select your trip to Spain that way!

Flying within Europe is easy and you can find loads of flights that are low cost. Today we’ve found loads of up to date offers for trips to Spain, and here we’ve got some of the best options we found for you to have a look at!

Flying from London there’s more options because of the different airports that you can fly from. Depending on where in Spain you want to go to there are quite a few options, and most flights should cost you under £50 for a return trip!

Ryanair_malaga Ryanair has loads of offers for flights from different places across England and Ireland for low cost flights to Spain. The best flight we found was from London Stanstead to Valladolid for £31.46 return! This flight in particular was leaving London on the 9th of September and returning on the 25th, nearly 2 weeks in Spain for about £30! If you were thinking of mixing your trip with tourism and maybe a Spanish course this flight would be perfect. You could spend a few days in Castille and Leon and still have time to take a week long Spanish course in Salamanca before coming home! Ryanair had loads of similar flights and you can see them all on a weekly timetable on their website and find the best flights for you.
Visit historic monuments in Spain

Another option flying from London to Spain is to go to Madrid, for which there are loads of flights. The cheapest flight from London to Madrid that we found was from London Gatwick to Madrid for £30.00! This flight was flying on the 9th of September with Ryanair and returning on the 16th, a week long trip to Spain. The best bit about Ryanair and this flight is that, again, there were loads of options and the dates were flexible with loads of flights for nothing, only paying taxes! The average for the flights from London to Madrid with Ryanair were about £40.00, but if you keep looking and are flexible with flights then there’s loads of chances to pick a cheap flight out! The best part of flying to Madrid is the options it gives you once you’re in Spain, you could go to any of the major cities, and there are great transport links to Salamanca, Seville and Granada, to name a few places. There’s more information on how to get to Seville, how to get to Salamanca and how to get to Granada available here.

Flying into Seville is a bit more expensive on average, but still isn’t too bad and the flights are relatively cheap. We found a cheap flight from Stanstead in London flying into Seville, again from the 9th to the 16th of September for £69.56. The most important thing that we’ve found whilst looking for cheap deals to Spain is that you don’t even have to book a long time in advance, the week of the 9th of September is soon but there are still plenty of cheap flights available!

If you fancied visiting  Granada and wanted to fly to Malaga then there are flights available for 48,06€, making that only about £42.00! The flight we found for this price was with Aer Lingus flying from London Gatwick to Malaga in September. They also had flights where you only have to pay the taxes, the flight itself was free! Have a look at their website for this, if you’re flexible with dates then you’ll easily find something cheap.

Flying from America you can also find reasonable flights to Spain! We managed to find a variety of flights for about 400-500$, so for about 280-350€! This is the price including fees and taxes. Flights on and with Iberia were about this price for flights going from New York to Madrid in September and October. Flying mid week and being flexible with dates makes these cheaper. On there are flights too for reasonable prices, including a trip for 413.81€ return from New York to Madrid on the 2nd of October, returning on the 11th.

A few things to look out for when booking online flights is that they don’t catch you out with extra prices. The prices we’ve given you here are the final prices after taxes for the flights! The adverts sometimes show you a cheap flight, but after insurance, taxes etc they quickly shoot up. Baggage can be a problem too, if you’re able to travel with just hand luggage (remember most companies let you take a pretty large bag or small suitcase on-board with you now) you can keep these prices cheap. Whilst looking for flights we saw that with the price per bag was 22€ extra! The other advice is to print everything out and take your ticket and information with you printed from home, some companies charge you to print your ticket at the airport!

Finally, traveling to Spain can be safe and you will see a lot. You may be heading for a beach but you can also enjoy some of the historic sites within your resort city. Creating a favorable impression on the locals simply makes sense. Your introduction to their history culture and other riches will simply make your trip more enjoyable.

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