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How to order a coffee in Malaga?

How to order a coffee in Malaga?

"When in Malaga, do as the Malagueños do"

 – order a coffee in the right way!

Ordering a coffee is not just an easy task in Malaga. You should order a coffee depending on the amount of milk and coffee and it is something that really distinguishes Malaga from every other city in Spain. The Malagueños therefore are very proud of this complex but also interesting habit.

The arise of numerous coffees...

The different coffee terms are created in the fifties in Café Central Malaga. Due to the war import products, including coffee, were hard and very expensive to obtain. Owner of Café Central Malaga, Don José Prado Crespo, faced a lot of difficulties in his bar with regard to clients who kept on ordering coffees in different ways. One of them wished for only half a cup of coffee, the other wished for a certain amount of milk in it and someone else hankered for a full cup of coffee. Confronted with this problem, Don José started designing a poster which contained all the different varieties of coffees he could make. With this poster it was a lot easier to receive the coffee orders from his customers.

How did this spread throughout the whole city?

Well, the reason for the spread is that Café Central Malaga, just like it is now, used to be a meeting point. The café was the centre of attention and consequently people started talking about the poster and the different coffees. The new way of ordering coffee was introduced and other cafés wanted to use the poster as well. Are you ready to learn the differences? We have created a short overview of the coffees you can order in Malaga:

How to order a coffee in Malaga - Cafe Solo
Help how to order a coffee in Malaga - Cafe Largo
How to order a coffee in Malaga - Semi largo
How to order a coffee in Malaga? - Solo Corto
Order a coffee in Malaga is not easy - Cafe mitad
Order a coffee in malaga like the malagueños do
Order a coffee in Malaga like cafe corto
How to order a coffee in malaga?
cafe nube - how to order a coffee in malaga
How to order a coffee in Malaga - or not"

Remember, do not try a ‘mitad‘ in another city in Spain. This way of ordering coffee is only used in Malaga. Now you know this you do not need to stress anymore when you order a ‘coffee’ and the waiter asks you what kind of coffee you want… You will feel like a real Malagueño when you can say “Un mitad, por favour”. Isn´t that awesome?!