Are you going to study in Malaga next year and you need to improve your Spanish Language? Whatever your level of Spanish the Alhambra Instituto offers you the perfect way of preparing yourself for the Erasmus experience by starting your adventure beforehand. Don´t lose this opportunity! Enjoy your summertime in Malaga and take an Intensive Spanish Course with us!



Why should you do this? What are the benefits of our INCOMING ERASMUS SPANISH COURSE?


It would be good to come to Malaga at least one month before starting university.

Give you some time to see the city, look around for the best accommodation opportunities, take a look at where the university is and start meeting people.


Coming to Malaga just a few days before starting the Erasmus year in Malaga is definitely not the best idea. Avoid some stress and start your Spanish Adventure before, enjoying this fantastic city with so much to offer while preparing yourself to the make the most of it all!


If you do not speak a word in Spanish, you should most definitely start thinking about changing that. Without the Spanish language, you cannot organize your daily life here. Neither professors at the university nor your Spanish colleagues speak English. Even if you have a basic knowledge of Spanish you won´t understand a single word during the lessons, in the shops, at the beach, on the street, etc. I am sure that you would not like to find yourself in this situation. English is not widely spoken in Malaga by restaurant staff and there is often no menu available in English etc. The good news is you will definitely improve your Spanish living here.


If you are an absolute beginner you should spend at least one month with us. During our Intensive Spanish Course you will get 20 hours of Spanish per a week. You will start your course on Monday with an introduction to Malaga. Every day you will start at 9:00 and finish at 13:00. Each lesson lasts 55 minutes (so there are breaks within this time) and the level groups are small.


In the afternoons you will have the possibility to participate in some cultural activities organized by our teachers. You will improve with us not only your command of the Spanish Language but also you will learn much about Spanish culture, art and, history.


After your course with Alhambra Instituto Malaga will feel like your second home. Our school is like a big family. You will meet here a lot of people from all over the world and, you will have a wonderful time. You will combine a Spanish Course with pleasure and adventures. And in the end most importantly, you will start your Erasmus Year as a confident and communicative person. You will be able to organize your life in all areas without any problems because you will speak an adequate level of Spanish. This is what we can guarantee.


Take our advice and come to the Alhambra Instituto. It is definitely worth booking our INCOMING ERASMUS COURSE for a great start to your Malaga experience!


We can also organize accommodation for you! Don´t delay and enrol with


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Buddy programme


Alhambra Instituto could be your buddy during the first week at school. We will help you to explore the area of Malaga. We will give your some tips where you can meet people, where you can practice your Spanish skills, where you can eat well and cheaply, how to get your monthly bus ticket, how to get the NIE Number, how to open a bank account, where you should search for a flat, etc. Apart from the lessons you will be able to use the buddy programme during your first week at school!


Welcome guide


After sending us your enrolment, you will get from us a confirmation of the booking with the invoice and our special guide for our incoming Erasmus students. You will receive information about Malaga. There are also some emergency numbers and, our main contact number which works 24 hours. Before arriving you will already know Malaga!




After your participation in our Intensive Spanish Course for Incoming Erasmus Students, you will get official certificate signed by the director of the school and the head teacher.

This will be proof of your Spanish language skills. Before starting your studies at the University of Málaga you will already have at least pre-intermediate level. Then in September you can take part in some of the University’s Spanish Programmes. We are sure that the University will organize a Spanish Course too.


Confirmation of your level for the university


After your course with the Alhambra Instituto we can also measure your level. You would do a short test to assess your level. The head teacher would check it for you and could give you a report highlighting your biggest mistakes. At the end you would know what you improved with us and what gives you trouble. It is a good first step to before starting your Erasmus Program at the University.


What are you going to gain with us?


 Your will be more confident using Spanish


 You will understand your teachers and colleagues at the University


 You would have the possibility to express yourself without stress


 You will get better academic results


 You will have a richer social life from the beginning


 You will immerse yourself in your studies


 You can concentrate on your studies and not on your language skills




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