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International Labour Day

International Labour Day

“Día del Trabajo”, also known as May Day or International Worker’s Day, is celebrated worldwide. At the first of May we commemorate the achievement of the labour movement. What happened exactly on the first of May and how is it celebrated? We give you some more information about this day and how it may benefit you this weekend

Why the 1st of May?

It all started in the United States in 1884 when the American Federation of Organized Trades and Labour Unions demanded an eight-hour workday instead of the in that day ten or twelve-hour workday. Their philosophy was to have 8 hours of work per day, 8 hours of sleep and 8 hours of house work. Since it did not come through immediately the workers started threatening employers with a strike if they did not give in to this request. With this threat many workers obtained their goal of an 8 hour working day. Those who failed began their protests again on May 1. Many protests have occurred and some even let to several deaths of protestors. Therefore the first of May is a day of commemoration.

Labour Day around the world

All around the world they celebrate this day differently and in the majority of the world is it recognized as an official holiday. In England for example it is a ritual to crown a May Queen and dancing around a Maypole. An important part celebrating this day in Italy is watching the annual Concerto del Primo Maggio, which takes place in Rome. Unfortunately there are also countries where the day is known but not really celebrated, like in the Netherlands.

Quite strange though is that in the United States and Canada celebrate Día del Trabajo (Labour Day) the first Monday of September due to the fact that the first time they celebrated Labour Day on the first of May it completely got out of hand. Therefore they postponed the date.

What's in it for you? - 3 days of weekend!

So could this day benefit you? Yes! When you are living in Spain or following a language course at our school you have one day of weekend extra! Almost all shops and offices will be closed the Monday after Labour Day. What can you do this extra-long weekend?

As you probably already have noticed, the city of Malaga has changed to the place to be for famous actors and writers during “Festival de Cine”. Walk over the red carpet which is spread throughout the whole city and feel like a famous person yourself! If you want to practice your Spanish skills you can go to one of the many movies that are showed in “Teatro Cervantes” or “Cine Albéniz”. 

This weekend the “Málaga Gastronomy Festival” is taking place in the city. This festival lasts until May 8 and is all about food and culture.  . During this festival there are expositions, concerts, master classes and a lot more activities!

Día de Trabaja or Labour Day is celebrated in Malaga together with the Festival de Cine

So what are you going to do during “Día del Trabajo” and the extra long weekend?