Best place to learn Spanish in Malaga – Best Spanish language schools in Malaga

Best place to learn Spanish in Malaga – Best Spanish language schools in Malaga

Best place to learn Spanish in Malaga, Best Spanish language schools in Malaga, 7 Best Language Schools in Malaga, Best and cheapest Spanish language schools in Malaga

Learn Spanish in Spain because is an educational investment you can make wherein you will surely reap rewards in the future. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world and it is an official language in numerous countries and international organizations. Having the ability to speak and understand Spanish can help you to explore endless possibilities and you can use Spanish for educational, travel, career or leisure purposes.

It has been said time and again that the best place to learn a language is in a place where it is spoken that is why I recommend that you should try to learn Spanish in Malaga.

The city is located on the bay of Mediterraneean Malaga and it is the fourth largest metropolitanLong-term Spanish courses in Spain, Best place to learn Spanish in Malaga, Best Spanish language schools in Malaga, 7 Best Language Schools in Malaga, Best and cheapest Spanish language schools in Malaga area of Spain. If you chose to learn Spanish in Malaga, you will be able to witness the remnants of its past as well as its current developments.Malaga is more than 3 thousand years old and the people who have occupied the city during the course of years have made their distinct mark on the city. The city was settled by the Romans, the Vandals, the Visigoths, and then the Moors. Sevilla had been re-conquered by the Spanish and since the nineteenth and twentieth the city progressed as its population and industry increased.
Private tuition: One to one Afternoon Evening Spanish classes in Malaga, Learn Spanish in Spain with Spanish Courses in Alhambra Instituto Learning Spanish in Malaga will give you the chance to experience Spanish culture first hand. You will be able to live the Spanish way of life as you explore the city, meet its people, taste Spanish cuisine, practice your Spanish language skills, do the usual activities that Sevillanos do, and just have some fun! Malaga has arts centers, theaters, museums, cinemas, banquet halls, theme parks, and so much more which will make your stay worthwhile.

Learn Spanish in Spain with Alhambra I, Language school in the beaches zone of Malaga.

Spanish courses for adults in Malaga for the whole year, Learn Spanish in Spain for Adults, Spanish Immersion program for adultsLearn Spanish in Malaga. The school is located in the city residential area of Pedregalejo in a splendid building with air conditioned and TIC equiped classrooms. Aside from quality Spanish language courses, Alhambra Instituto also offers flamenco dance classes which will enable you to learn the art of flamenco! This program includes a Spanish language course and a flamenco course which will help you become more immersed in the culture and language of Spain.
Choose to learn Spanish in Sevilla and be able to experience one of the most wonderful cities of Spain and Europe!

Private Lessons, Face to Face with NATIVE Spanish Teacher in Malaga Spain

General Spanish for Students & Professionals Evening Saver One to One Course

Spanish  Evening Saver Individual and Semi-individual Course:
Evening Spanish classes in Malaga, spanish courses discounts special offers get a 20% discount, Private spanish lessons in Spain Happy hoursOur Spanish Courses Evening Saver “One-to-One” Spanish One to One Evening Spanish classes in Malaga, Learn Spanish in Malaga, Private tuition with private Spanish lessons in Spain, Private Spanish lessons in Spain, One Our private Spanish lessons are designed for individuals, coupleslessons is an evening Spanish course with one-to-one/two 5-25 lessons per week with the same design and characteristics of morning Spanish courses. By taking all your lessons in the evening 15:00-20:00, you SAVE 20% on the usual cost of an Spanish for Students and Professionals Individual course.

Learn Spanish in Spain with your Spanish language goal under control: flexible, intensive, successful.

Do you want to learn the Spanish language quickly or brush up your existing language skills? Is having a program geared to your needs and time restraints important for you?

You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with Alhambra Instituto Individual Instruction: Spanish One to One General courses are designed to meet aims and objectives of your studies and in the work environment. Each course is prepared to match individual needs. In an Individual 1to1 course so you’ll always get the highest personal attention, correction, feedback and advice.

Private Courses (One-to-One)Lessons per WeekForPrice for 1 Student 1to1 (p/p)Price for 2 Students 1to2 (p/p)Price for 3 Students 1to3 (p/p)
1to1 Spanish Course 55 LessonsOne Week115 €70 €58 €
1to1 Spanish Course 1510 LessonsOne Week230 €140 €116 €
1to1 Spanish Course 2020 LessonsOne Week450 €270 €215 €
1to1 Spanish Course 2525 LessonsOne Week560 €335 €255 €
1 Extra Lesson1 Lesson=55 minutes23 €15 €12 €
  • SAVE 20% on the usual cost of Spanish Immersion Course “One-to-One” lessons
  • One-to-one lessons: Maximum personal attention and flexible programme – study what you need
  • Evening Saver timetable: Choose between 15 – 25 lessons per week, taken 15:00-20:00 Monday to Friday
  • Programme: Fully personalised courses including a FREE 60-minute pre-course planning session