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Learn Spanish in Spain – Spanish Courses in Malaga

Alhambra Spanish Language Institute offers a range of Spanish Language Courses in a friendly, seaside area of Malaga, Spain – new intensive Spanish courses for students of different ages and nationalities begin every Monday all year round. Learn the Spanish language skills you need for everyday conversation and business communication in our intensive Spanish courses for professionals, executives,  and other adult students.

In addition to text books, your teachers will refer to authentic Spanish resources. With the use of digital whiteboards, with direct access to unlimited multimedia resources for instant use such as videos, internet news, examples in Internet, newspapers, and audio training.

The first Spanish School in Malaga with fully air-conditioned building with interactive whiteboards in each classrooms to enhance teaching and learning your Spanish Experience.

Spanish courses in Spain with all classrooms equipped with digital whiteboards, Alhambra Instituto, Spanish courses for teachers: Using Interactive Whiteboards

We offer a varied selection of high quality Spanish courses at fair prices

  • Our Spanish courses are ideal for those who wish to improve their overall knowledge of the Spanish language. We welcome students of all levels of Spanish from beginners to advanced.
  • Our expert staff and our state of the art language learning technology make it easy for you to achieve your Spanish proficiency goals.
  • On-going enrollment so students can start any Monday.

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All our Spanish Courses: Intensive Courses, Combined Courses, One to One Private Courses, Spanish for School Groups, Spezial Spanish Courses...

Intensive Spanish Courses

Intensive Spanish Course 20

intensive spanish courses in spain,2017 argentina language,intensive spanish language programs,best in spanish school in spain,spanish immersion programs,spanish immersion,spanish immersion schoolIntensive Spanish course (20 lessons per week) is ideal for students who want to make the most of their time in Malaga. Learning Spanish while still having free time to enjoy the city.

Super Intensive Spanish Course 30

The Super Intensive Spanish Course is similar to the Intensive Spanish Course but consists of 30 lessons a week. You learn Spanish language fast and effectively…

Intensive Spanish Course 25

Intensive Spanish courses in Spain from 1 week,one week til 40 weeks, 2017 Intensive spanish language course, Intensive & Super Intensive Spanish Courses in Spain, Intensive & Super Intensive Courses in MalagaIntensive Spanish course (25 lessons per week). Similar to the previous language course, but with the advantage of one more daily lesson. With this Spanish course you will have plenty of free time…

Semi Intensive Spanish Course 15

group_students_alhambra_82The Semi-Intensive Spanish course is available to travelers/people of all levels looking to combine a Spanish language course with plenty of time for recreational activities or part time job…

Intensive Spanish COMBI Course 20 + 5

This course consists of 20 lessons in a group plus 5 Individual (One to One). This special group “combi” course is for students who wish to improve their ability…

Intensive Spanish COMBI Course 25 + 5

spanish super intensive courses combined,Super Intensive Spanish courses in Spain to learn Spanish The COMBI Intensive Spanish Course 30 is similar to the COMBI Spanish Course 25 but has 5 additional lessons per week. You learn the Spanish language quickly and efficiently…

Individual "One to One" Spanish Course

Private Spanish lesson in Malaga for all levelsLearn how to talk in Spanish in your job, how to answer the phone/make phone calls/send emails/introduce yourself etc in a businesslike way, as well as learn about the business…

Spanish Courses for Adults

Spanish Courses for Adults in Spain, Spanish courses for adults in Spain to learn Spanish languageAll our Spanish Courses are suitable for Adults learners, exception of “Spanish for schools Groups” and “Spanish for Juniors and Teenagers”. See our selection:

Spanish Courses for Beginners

Intensive Spanish courses for beginners in Spainn from absolute beginner to advanced speakerIntensive Spanish courses for beginners in Spain. Spanish Courses for all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced speaker…

Specialized Spanish Courses

DELE Examination Preparation Course

Spanish courses and DELE diploma, Malaga Spain, Dele exam preparation Spanish courses, DELE Examination Preparation Course in Malaga, Spain. The official certificate of Spanish knowledge designed following the guidelines of the Common European Framework…

Spanish Course for Business (Group + Private lessons)

Intensive Business Spanish Course On the Intensive Business course you will learn the basics of business Spanish with Alhambra Instituto. Immersion Spanish courses in Malaga, Spanish for business.

Spanish for legal professionals

Spanish for lawyers in Spain, Spanish for the Legal Profession, Spanish Courses for Lawyers SpainSpanish for the Legal Profession: Spanish for lawyers in Spain, Spanish for the Legal Profession,Spanish Courses for Lawyers Spain: Participants must be practicing lawyers or Law students

Spanish Courses for Airline Crew

Our Spanish course has been developed by cabin crew experts in conjunction with Alhambra Instituto. Immersion Spanish courses in Malaga, Spanish for Cabin crew.

Spanish refresher course for Teachers (ELE)

Spanish refresher course for Teachers in Malaga, Spanish refresher courses for Teachers in spainRefresher Course for Teachers of Spanish ELE. This professional development course is to bring teachers of Spanish as a second language (ELE) , who wish to update their knowledge of current methodology .

Spanish courses for Seniors 50+

Spanish courses for Seniors 50+

Spanish courses for Seniors and mature students in Malaga,Club 50 + coursesPrograms for Seniors & mature students are offered in Malaga, Spain with different types of courses and options of accommodation and social activities…

Spanish courses + Workshops Alhambra Instituto

Flamenco + Intensive Spanish Course

Flamenco and Spanish school in Malaga,Learn Spanish and Flamenco with the best teachersFlamenco lessons and Spanish language course in Malaga at Alhambra Instituto. Learn Spanish and Flamenco with the best teachers.

Spanish courses for Groups

Special courses for School groups

School group studing spanish in Alhambra Instituto Malaga Come with your School and have a great time sharing this experience  with your mates. Learn Spanish and have fun in a nice city like Málaga.      It will be a experience you will never forget!

Special prices for Groups

Learn Spanish in your gap year, have a nice year in spain, meet new people and live a new experience Gather with your family or friends, come to Málaga to study Spanish, and enjoy our special offers for groups.


General Spanish for Students & Professionals Evening Saver One to One Course

Evening Spanish courses in MALAGA, Spain, Spanish spanish courses discounts special offers get a 20% Evening Spanish courses in Spain in the afternoon and evening - Part-time Spanish Courses in Malaga, Happy hours One to One Spanish Course in Spain. Spanish Courses Evening Saver “One-to-One” Spanish One to One Spanish Courses – Alhambra Instituto

Evening Spanish Courses for students who are not available to attend classes during the day

EVENING SPANISH COURSES IN MALAGA SPAIN, Spanish Courses Spain: Improve your Spanish in Spain, Evening-Afternoon Spanish Courses -Evening Spanish courses in Spain in the afternoon and evening - Part-time Spanish Courses in Malaga, The Spanish evening courses run throughout the year in our building in Center of Malaga city, so you can join whenever suits you best.


Intensive Spanish Course 20


Intensive Spanish Course 25


Extra Intensive Course I  20+5 (One-to-One)


Extra Intensive Course II  20+10 (One-to-One)


Extra Intensive Spanish Course Special 25+5 (One-to-One)


DELE Preparation Course


One to One Spanish Course


Evening Spanish Course

Only in our school in the city center

3+3 lessons/week


Evening Spanish Course

Only in our school in the city center

2+2 lessons/week


Spanish courses for student Groups in Spain, Spanish for school groups in Malaga Spain

Modern classrooms for fast learning with Alhambra Instituto

  • Alhambra Instituto Spanish school features modern classrooms with the latest learning technology.
  • Modern language school in Málaga located on the historic beaches area. Newly-renovated interiors.
Why Learn Spanish? 10 Good Reasons to Learn Spanish, Why is it important to learn Spanish?