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Spanish and Flamenco Course in Spain – Learn Spanish and Flamenco

Flamenco & Spanish Language Course in Spain


Spanish and Flamenco Dance is fiery, exciting, loud, passionate and sensual. It is also incredibly atmospheric – even in a class setting.

Spanish and Flamenco , flamenco lessons and workshops in the school Alhambra Instituto in Malaga, Spain. Flamenco classes are a great way to get in shape and have fun, and tuition is suitable for all ages and abilities, beginners to advanced, children and adults. You do not need to be a trained dancer, nor do you have to be young and streamlined – no matter your age or shape, our flamenco dance classes will have something for you!

The level of the class will depend of the level of the students. This class will introduce students to Flamenco dance technique with special atention to arms, hands and movements of the body. We will study a flamenco style through a choreography. We will learn how the rhythm goes and how to play palmas. No previous knowledge of Flamenco dance or music is required .




The growing interest that already existed in Spanish and Flamenco all over the world, as a true cultural manifestation, as well as the attraction this art form, held Alhambra Instituto to set up a special Flamenco Course. We want to give you an opportunity to experience both: learning the practical skills of the Flamenco dance art at the same time of your Spanish Intensive Course. And the great news is you don’t have to be fit or flexible to  enjoy flamenco dance as you can start at a beginners level.

Spanish and Flamenco lessons, Learn Spanish and how to dance Flamenco!, Spanish courses & flamencoFlamenco classes are fun, relaxed and informal, often accompanied by a flamenco guitarist, and always unite technique with choreography – so they are never boring. All major flamenco dance forms are covered in the dance courses, such as the ever-popular sevillanas, tangos, rumbas, alegrías…


Alhambra Instituto offers you the opportunity to combine your Spanish classes with the knowledge of one of Spain’s most beloved traditions: Flamenco. You will learn to dance flamenco dances with a specialized teacher that also will talk about the most famous guitarists, singers and dancers of flamenco.



Types of Courses:

A) Spanish Course 20 + Flamenco lessons in Group 5 lessons / week: This course consists of 4 lessons of general Spanish (Intensive Course 20) and 1 lesson of Flamenco dance in group every day.

About the Course

Hours per week 20 Spanish lessons + 10 Flamenco lessons in group
Starts Consult our Office, please
Nº Students 10 Students max.
Levels From Beginner to Proficiency
Course length 1 to 2 weeks

Prices 2020

B) Spanish Course 20 + 5 private Flamenco lessons : This course consists of 4 lessons of general Spanish (Intensive Course 20) and 1 Individual Flamenco dance lesson every day.

About the Course

Hours per week 20 Spanish lessons + 5 Flamenco lessons (Private One:One)
Starts Every Monday*
Nº Students 10 Students max. in Spanish Course / 1 in Flamenco lessons
Levels From Beginner to Proficiency
Course length 1 to 8 weeks

Prices 2020

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