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Spanish Courses for Flight Attendants Stewardesses and Pilots in Spain

Spanish Course for Flight Attendants and Pilots in Malaga

Spanish fourse for Flight Attendants

Spanish Course for Flight Attendants and Pilots in Malaga SpainThis Spanish course is specifically designed both for flight attendants, stewardess and pilots who are currently working in an international context and also for potential applicants who are looking to work with an airline that flies regularly to Spanish speaking destinations. Communicating in Spanish, even at a basic level, improves the service offered by the Airline company to Spanish and Latin-American clients.

The main objective of the Spanish for Flight Attendants Course is to build the student’s vocabulary in the field of airline industry, classroom discussion and Spanish language skills. Our Spanish course for Flight Attendants and Pilots covers many different topics that are relevant and vital for the successful execution of the profession, such as in-flight-announcements, emergency instructions, information about delays and changes of destination. We also cover specific vocabulary related to weather conditions, aviation, in-flight-service, catering onboard, onboard selling techniques, emergency situations, reservations and booking, check-in and boarding, safety on board regulations, take-off and landing instructions, passenger service and inquiries during the flight and general day to day airline work.

"Alhambra Instituto has had a long tradition of providing specialized courses for employees in the airline industry. Over the past 10 years we have proudly welcomed over 2500 flight attendants solely from Lufthansa airlines, without mentioning numerous other customers that have worked with us from a myriad of other prestigious airlines"

The course takes 1-4 weeks and consists of 5 hours daily of general Spanish in a group (Intensive Spanish 25) + 1 Individual lesson.

The course also aims to offer a more deepened understanding of Spanish and Latin American culture and the people. Being able to communicate in Spanish, even at a basic level, enhances the service offered to Spanish speaking customers from around the globe.

COMBI Spanish Course + Airline Spanish
Spanish Course Combined
Spanish Course + Airline Spanish
Hrs. per Week Spanish25:
25 x 55 Min.
Hrs. per Week Airline Spanish:
5 x 55 Min. Individual lessons
Every monday of the year
Nº Students Intensive course 4 – 10 Students * (6 average)
Nº Stud. in Airline Spanish
max. 1 Students
Advanced and Superior
morning or afternoon
Course length
1 to 4 weeks
1 Week: 320 € //each extra week 320 €

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