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Long term Spanish courses to learn Spanish from 8 weeks to 44 weeks: short term, semester or year long Spanish immersion programme in Spain. Long term Spanish immersion courses and improving your Spanish are the best possible investments for your future success.

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The classes

Our Long Term Spanish Courses in Spain are designed to help you with your future study or career path. Alhambra Instituto offers young adults long term tuition in Spanish Studies to prepare you for your life at an Spanish speaking country, and for your international profession or career in Spanish communication, minimum of 8 weeks and is suitable for those who wish to:

  • Dedicate a term, semester or even longer to immersing themselves in the general Spanish language
  • Study in Spain upon completion of their course
  • Work in Spain or start a Business
  • Take a Long Term Spanish Course to complement their academic study goals
  • Benefit from complete immersion in the Spanish language and culture

In Malaga we offer long term Spanish courses to students who want to learn and/or improve their Spanish language and increase career opportunities for the future. These discounted courses are our most economical Spanish courses option and are extremely flexible.

The Long Term Spanish course has the same content, structure and timetable as our Intensive Spanish course.

long and short-term Spanish language courses,Long term Spanish courses in Spain, Learn Spanish in SpainHowever, at Alhambra Instituto, our long term study program is so much more than just studying Spanish. We provide you with special offers and extra assistance if you study for a period of more than 8 weeks!

In addition to developing your Spanish, the course ensures that you have a smooth transition into your new life here in Spain by offering you complementary services and special features:

  • Help you to prepare your CV (resumé) in Spanish should you wish to find work here
  • Provide you with advice and all the necessary details you will need to stay here for longer periods of time, such as applying for Social Security numbers and the N.I.E. (Spanish residency) number.
  • Assist you with job applications including how and where to go about looking.
  • Help you with residency papers should you require them.
  • Assistance with documents/contracts.
  • Offer generous discounts on course fees and special offers.
  • A long term Spanish course is one of the most effective and economical ways to develop fluency in Spanish.

Our long term Spanish programmes are designed to help you with your future study or career path, and entry to Spanish universities.

About the Course

Duration From 8 weeks
Frequency 20 lessons per week
Classes Maximum 10 students
Start dates Any Monday, all year round
Level All Levels
Age Range Minimum 16 years old
Minutes per lesson 55

Prices 2020

Book your Spanish Language Course

The booking process is simple and gives you the opportunity to personalize your course so it fits your specific needs. If you require assistance or have any questions, just give us a call. We’re always happy to help.

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