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Business Spanish Courses in Spain – Spanish Language Courses (20+10)

Business & Commercial Spanish Courses

Our Business Spanish Courses in Spain will benefit everyone who works in an international environment; it will also assist students in preparing for life in the world of business or for further studies in a business-related course at university or college. Our Business Spanish courses have been designed for all students seeking a specialized Spanish education with our professional and experienced teachers

Improve your Spanish communication skills and become more confident in international business meetings. Learn how to write professional emails to your boss and colleagues, how to prepare Power Point Presentations in Spanish and techniques for confident public speaking.

Our Business Spanish Summary

  • 30 lessons per week course: 20 lessons of Spanish in a group + 10 One to one lessons Spanish for Busines (per week)
  • The course assists you to become a confident communicator in a business environment
  • Realistic objectives for your Business Spanish are set at the beginning of the course and progress towards them is continually reviewed.
  • You will be fully engaged in learning Business Spanish through a variety of activities, including case studies, role-plays, simulation and grammar exercises
  • We encourage you to bring authentic materials to make your course as relevant to your professional life as possible
  • A final Course Report gives clear details of progress made and recommendations for further study

Spanish Business courses in Spain and Commercial Spanish courses

Spanish courses for Business in Spain, Business Spanish Courses in Spain, Spanish Language Courses

Spanish courses for Business in Spain

Spanish Courses for Business People, aimed at professionals of all levels. Our business Spanish language courses are tailor-made (4 lessons in a group + 2 private lessons) to individual learning needs, to give the confidence to improve your Spanish language fluency at work. This course presents business and commercial Spanish vocabulary. It focuses on the use of Spanish business terminology concerning business and commercial behaviors, and their present economical reality.


  • Spanish courses for business, while recommended for advanced learners may be taken by beginner students of Spanish who wish to orientate their learning process extending specific business vocabulary and achieving a higher command of the Spanish language at work.
  • Business Spanish lessons help improve your professional opportunities in Spain and Spanish American countries.
  • Our Spanish for business lessons and courses in Malaga teach you to communicate in Spanish business situations. Learning how to conduct business in Hispanic countries is helpful to any student or professional interested in the Spanish language and in the various cultures of the Hispanic world.


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Intensive Spanish language Courses

Discover a new aspect of the Spanish language- spanish as it is used in the business world. In this course students will look at the formal language that is used in meetings, business environments and work-contracts. This course is designed to increase your knowledge on topics such as administration, sales, diplomacy, financial matters and tourism. Classes start every Monday at any time of the year.

You would also learn how to talk in Spanish in your job, how to answer the phone/make phone calls/send emails/introduce yourself etc in a businesslike way, as well as learn about the business practices and culture of Spain and Latin American countries.

Business Spanish Courses in Spain Content:

Spanish immersion courses for Business and Commercial in Malaga Spain,Business Spanish courses and commercial in Malaga Spain, Business Spanish course in Spain

Spanish immersion courses for Business and Commercial in Malaga Spain

The Business Spanish Course consists of 30 hours a week. That´s four hours in a group and two private lessons daily. This course is only suitable for people who already speak and understand Spanish at a certain level (ie. not for beginners). The goal is to learn how to correctly structure sentences, how to define business concepts and how to speak and write Spanish as it is used in the business world. Some examples of topics covered on this course are: general business correspondence, discussion of business topics, negotiations, role-plays in business situations, learning how to create a company in Spain, commercial law and the position of Spain in the international market.


Spanish Courses for Business & administration people are ideal for those who wish to work in any branch of business in Spain or Latin America, such as people working in banking, insurance and the import/export sector. Spanish has become one of the most important world economic languages, which is no surprise considering that world-wide there are approximately 400 million people who speak Spanish and that many Spanish-speaking countries have experienced major economic development in the past few years, increasing their importance on international markets.


Spanish Course
Spanish Courses for Business
Hrs. per Week:
20 x 55 Min.+ 10 Indiv. lessons
Price 430 €
Every Monday
Nº Students (Intensive 20)
6 – 8 Students average (max. 10)
Nº Students 1 with Individual lessons
from Intermediate to Proficiency
9:00hs – 15:00hs
Course length
1 to 8 weeks
Starting Dates: Any Monday, throughout the year. Min.:1 week
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