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Spanish Courses for Beginners in Spain – Spanish course in Malaga for Beginners

The Spanish courses for beginners will help you learn basic Spanish and build your confidence to begin to have conversations in Spanish.

Spanish courses for Beginners in Malaga, Spanish courses for Beginners in Spain, Spanish courses in Malaga for BeginnersSpanish Courses for beginners at all levels, including false beginners/ elementary levels and low-level speakers. If you want to learn/study Spanish and be confident speaking and communicating in Spanish as quickly as possible, then you have come to the right place! The easiest and best way to achieve this is to do an intensive Spanish course which requires daily study.  At Alhambra Instituto we know that our beginners students should study Spanish in a specialised course focused on learning the basics of the Spanish language in an effective and progressive way. Our Beginners’ Intensive Spanish course follows the same structure as our General Spanish courses. REad_More about Intensive Spanish courses in Malaga Spain

for Absolute Beginners (A1)14 Jan; 4 Feb; 4 Mar; 1 Apr; 6 May; 3 Jun; 1 Jul; 5 Aug; 2 Sep; 7 Oct; 4 Nov; 2 Dec.
Other levels (A2-C2)Every Monday, all year round
One to One (Private)Every Monday, all year round
Commercial Spanish 20 + 10Every Monday, all year round
Intensive Legal Spanish (Group+ Private)Every Monday, all year round
Spanish for Teachers: Teaching with Interactive Whiteboards (Private tuition)Every Monday, all year round
Spanish Course for Seniors 50+4, 15 Feb; 4, 15 Mar; 1, 12 Apr; 6, 17 May; 3, 14 Jun
Internship in Malaga for our students after 4 weeks Spanish course in Alhambra InstitutoAll year round
Bank Holidays07.01.19, 28.02.19, 19.04.19, 1.05.19, 15.08.19, 19.08,19, 1.11.19, 6.12.19
Note:Individual and semi-individual courses can be started all the year round. For more information please contact us.
We give you the possibility of opening a new date for a minimum of 4 participants. For more information please contact us.

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This Spanish course for beginners will help you learn basic Spanish and build your confidence to begin to have conversations in Spanish. Learning Spanish at Alhambra Instituto School of Spanish is pleasant, interesting and effective. There is no minimum level required to join our starter Spanish classes, these courses are suitable for complete beginners as well as those who started learning Spanish very recently and want to progress to the next level. This is a warm-up stage and most students continue learning Spanish on higher level courses.
Our Spanish Starter classes refer to A1 level of the Common European Framework.

  • people who want to start learning Spanish from ‘zero’
  • people who want to begin understanding others speaking Spanish
  • those who want to start communicating in Spanish at a basic level
  • those who want to learn useful Spanish for everyday situations
  • those who live in an Spanish-speaking country
  • those who want a fun a friendly environment in which to learn and study Spanish

If you fit one or more of the descriptions above then our General Spanish Classes for Beginners will help you begin to understand and speak Spanish and take it to the next level.

REad_More about Intensive Spanish courses in Malaga Spain

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