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Spanish Courses For Groups in Spain – Spanish courses for school trips and educational study tours in Spain

Classe-Group in educational trips that allow students to explore Spanish culture and improve the language skills are among the most beautiful and interesting experiences of the school time. The planning, however, can be a time-consuming and costly affair. Where does the group go in Spain? How do you get there? School tours, study trips to Malaga, Spain. Where will students stay and live?

School Group Tours to Spain , Student Tours to Spain, Educational Tours & School Trips in Spain, School trips and educational study tours in SpainThe Alhambra Instituto team will be happy to help you arrange a trip for students of all ages, with all participants getting their money’s worth.
Save time, money, energy, nerves and we are looking for the safest and most efficient way possible for your Group-Trip success.


Alhambra Instituto specializes in Spanish Courses for Groups in Spain and educational travel programmes to students and adults from all over the world. With 37 years’ experience, we are experts in delivering the highest quality language, cultural, leisure activities, accommodation in Spain and organization for your groups.

Tailor made Spanish courses for school trips and educational study tours in Spain: We offer Spanish teachers/organizers the chance to partake in the rewarding experience of taking students abroad to study Spanish in our school. With one of our custom designed Spanish for Groups Programmes.

Of course Alhambra Instituto also offers you and a group of friends, colleagues or fellow-students the possibility to book a group course with an interesting discountEnquire now gratis information for International Groups in Education trips in Spain

1. Group from 3 to 10 participants (small groups):

Alhambra Instituto offers groups from 3 to 10 participants a 10% discount on the course price. Please mention on the application form the “group discount” and write down all the names of the group members in the comment section.

2. Group of 10 to 45 participants (large groups):

Spanish Courses For Groups of young students ,Spanish Courses for Groups in Malaga, Spain

For the larger groups, Alhambra Instituto offers customized programs and significantly reduced prices.

We can provide tailor-made programmes for your group which can also include a range of guided tours and excursions, a leisure program, parties and sporting activities that can shed a different light on the Spanish language and culture.

We have mainly 3 types of Spanish courses for Groups:

A) Spanish for Teenager Groups (age 12 -17) accompanied by 1 or more teachers (depending of number of participants)
B) Spanish for Junior Groups (age 14 -19) accompanied by 1 or more teachers (depending of number of participants)
C) Spanish Courses for closed groups of adults with specific interests

Spanish Courses for Groups in Spain - Educational school mini stay in Spain, special offers for school groups, Educational trips to Spain for school groups, Learn Spanish in Malaga for groups, schools, individuals and organisations

A) Spanish for Teenager in Spain: the Course

Spanish courses for school trips and educational study tours in Spain, Spanish language courses for Groups and School groups, Study travel in Spain with Spanish language trips

Spanish courses for school trips and educational study tours in Spain

Alhambra Instituto offers an exciting programme of Spanish classes and extracurricular activities to foreign teenager groups who want to learn Spanish in Spain. We provide a very personal service to the group and to each student and take great care to ensure that students are safe, relaxed and enjoying themselves throughout their stay in Malaga. Your teacher/leader of the group or your organization can customize the stay.

  • Spanish Courses for Teenager Groups start on Mondays and are available the whole year around
  • It allows the students to use Spanish in real life situations
  • Builds student’s confidence and fluency in communication
  • The afternoon activities introduce students to the Spanish culture, folklore and sports
  • We can include in your programme specific themes or topics if you desire
  • For customised Spanish programmes for teenager groups (tailor-made) you have to get in touch with us

B) Spanish for Junior Groups in Spain: the Course

Spanish courses for Groups, schoolgroups teenagers Malaga, Spanish for Junior Groups (age 14 -19) accompanied by 1 or more teachers,Spanish Courses for Groups in Malaga, SpainOur Junior Spanish Courses for groups aim to ensure that students enjoy every minute while studying at Alhambra Instituto what can be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Our Spanish course will develop their language skills and increase their confidence, while our fully supervised, high quality social programme mixes cultural visits with sports,fun activities and excursions to encourage Spanish language development.

We will help arrange the perfect Spanish learning programme for your group in Spain.

  • Spanish Courses for Junior or High School Group start on Mondays and are available the whole year around
  • Introduces you to the Spanish culture
  • Develops research and communication skills with other international students at Alhambra Instituto
  • Combines the Spanish language, culture and holidays
  • Plan this Spanish course for your group and we will give you a wide range of opportunities to create an excellent stay in Spain
  • For tailor-made Spanish programs for Juniors or High School groups (tailor-made) you may contact our office

C) Spanish Specific Courses for Adult Groups in Spain: the CourseEnquire now gratis information for International Groups in Education trips in Spain

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Our academic department will work closely with each group prior to their arrival to ensure we help achieve their specific goals. Our activity department will also create a leisure programme with cultural and busines visits, afternoon activities with our teachers and weekend excursions. All of our Spanish Adult Group courses are based at our school in Malaga.

We have welcomed groups from colleges, universities, agencies, businesses and governments from across the globe, each with their own specific programme requirements

  • Spanish Courses for Specific Adult Groups start on Mondays and are available the whole year around
  • For customised Spanish programmes for closed or open Adult groups (tay+tailor-made) you may contact our office

Spanish Courses for Groups: Destination

The Alhambra Instituto is located in Malaga in the South of Spain on the Mediterranean coast in the community of Andalusia.

We organize educational trips for schools, colleges and universities. Enjoy Spanish language courses in Malaga in the south of Spain, very close to the beach!

If you have any special demands such as specific topics or excursions/tours, please inform us about your demands at least 2 weeks before your arrival.

Book a group course at Alhambra Instituto

Booking a group course is very important and has many advantages.

Our only conditions are that you book a course with at least 3 daily lessons + leisure programme.

Our Spanish courses for groups are especially designed for schools, universities, companies, associations, etc. but of course also for families and friends.

We can arrange for you to be picked up at the airport upon arrival, and we can even assign you with a group-coordinator who takes care of the needs of your group and can organize group excursions etc.

Group discounts apply for all our courses, but can not be used in combination with any other promotional offer.

Please contact us for more information!

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