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Spanish Course for Lawyers and legal professions

Spanish Course for foreign Lawyers and Solicitors

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The main objective of the Spanish for Lawyers Course is to build participants’ legal vocabulary, classroom discussion skills, and presentation capabilities. Our Spanish for Law course covers many different types of law, for example, commercial law, civil law, patrimonial law… The Spanish Course for Lawyers will give you all the requisites and preparation to work as Lawyer in Spanish territory and express using the actual legal vocabulary. In addition, you will get to know the Spanish Civil and Commercial Law in order to advise your clients about contracts, buying properties or Starting a Business in Spain.  The course consists of 5 hours daily of general Spanish in a group (max. 10 students in the class) and 1 lessons of Legal Spanish in special group for Legal Spanish (max 5 students in the class)/ or Individual lesson in type B)..

“In a field as precise as Law, it is not enough to know the dictionary definition of a term or how to write a clause in a contract. Meaning and use in context are crucial, and only an experienced lawyer or economist can convey this with sufficient depth and accuracy. The consequences of inaccuracy in law can be extreme!”

Spanish for International Lawyers classes focus on developing effective, precise and efficient Spanish language for use in legal work.

Participants in the “Spanish for Lawyers Course” should have a good knowledge of general Spanish (minimum level is B1 or higher). They should be prepared to attend at least 90% of the lessons and to participate actively so as to obtain maximum benefit from the course.

This program is designed for Lawyers (foreign Attorney and Solicitors) or Law students who need to use Spanish as a communicative tool, and simultaneously offers a better understanding of Spaniards, and Latin American people. Communicating in Spanish, even at a basic level, improves the service offered to Spanish and Latin-American clients.

This Special Spanish Course for Lawyers is advised by the Oficial Association of Economists of Malaga and the Official Association of Lawyers of Malaga.

Specific Legal Spanish
Group Course

30 lessons / week
25 group lessons of general Spanish and 5 private Spanish for lawyers lessons

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