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Super Intensive Spanish Course 30 in Malaga, Spain

The Super Intensive Spanish Course consists of 30 lessons each week. It is designed for those who want to rapidly improve their Spanish. The level of Spanish spoken in class is adjusted to suit the levels and needs of the students.

Super-Intensive Spanish Course in Malaga, SpainThe classes

The Super Intensive Spanish Course has been designed to develop the student´s ability to effectively communicate in Spanish.

The Super Intensive Spanish course is designed for people who want to learn or perfect their Spanish language as fast as possible from beginners to advanced level. We combine lessons in the classroom with outside activities in practical situations. E.g.: going to places like markets, shops, walking around the city etc. and speaking only in Spanish.

Intensive Spanish Courses Bank holidays,The Super-intensive Spanish language course 30 includes 6 or 7 daily lessons, either from 9am to 15:00 or from 9am to 16:00. The daily number of hours varies depending on whether there is a bank holiday that week; during weeks with bank holidays the daily lessons are increased to 7 to compensate for any hours lost, and during the rest of the time there are 6 lessons daily.

This course is based on everyday scenarios and experiences in order to develop your knowledge of day-to-day language and that of real-life encounters. All of our courses focus on the practical use of the language.

The lessons focus on improving the four essential skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Our classes place particular emphasis on speaking, as this is the key to communication.

Taking this course, you still have plenty of time to see Malaga and the coastline villages. So, though the course is intensive, it’s not too intensive! Most students can start on any Monday of the year, except for complete beginners, for whom there are specific starting dates.

About the Course

Duration From one week
Frequency 30 lessons per week
Classes Maximum 10 students
Start dates Any Monday, all year round
Level All Levels
Age Range Minimum 16 years old
Minutes per lesson 55

Prices 2020

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The booking process is simple and gives you the opportunity to personalize your course so it fits your specific needs. If you require assistance or have any questions, just give us a call. We’re always happy to help.