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General Spanish for Students & Professionals Evening Saver One to One Course

Spanish  Evening Saver Individual and Semi-individual Course:
Evening Spanish classes in Malaga, spanish courses discounts special offers get a 20% discount, Private spanish lessons in Spain Happy hoursOur Spanish Courses Evening Saver “One-to-One” Spanish One to One Evening Spanish classes in Malaga, Learn Spanish in Malaga, Private tuition with private Spanish lessons in Spain, Private Spanish lessons in Spain, One Our private Spanish lessons are designed for individuals, coupleslessons is an evening Spanish course with one-to-one/two 10-25 lessons per week with the same design and characteristics of morning Spanish courses. By taking all your lessons in the evening 15:00-20:00, you SAVE 20% on the usual cost of an Spanish for Students and Professionals Individual course.

Private Lessons, Face to Face with NATIVE Spanish Teacher in Malaga SpainYour Spanish language goal under control: flexible, intensive, successful.

Do you want to learn the Spanish language quickly or brush up your existing language skills? Is having a program geared to your needs and time restraints important for you?

You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with Alhambra Instituto Individual Instruction: Spanish One to One General courses are designed to meet aims and objectives of your studies and in the work environment. Each course is prepared to match individual needs. In an Individual 1to1 course so you’ll always get the highest personal attention, correction, feedback and advice.

Private Courses (One-to-One) Lessons per Week For Price for 1 Student 1to1 (p/p) Price for 2 Students 1to2 (p/p) Price for 3 Students 1to3 (p/p)
1to1 Spanish Course 5 5 Lessons One Week 115 € 70 € 58 €
1to1 Spanish Course 15 10 Lessons One Week 230 € 140 € 116 €
1to1 Spanish Course 20 20 Lessons One Week 450 € 270 € 215 €
1to1 Spanish Course 25 25 Lessons One Week 560 € 335 € 255 €
1 Extra Lesson 1 Lesson=55 minutes 23 € 15 € 12 €
  • SAVE 20% on the usual cost of Spanish Immersion Course “One-to-One” lessons
  • One-to-one lessons: Maximum personal attention and flexible programme – study what you need
  • Evening Saver timetable: Choose between 15 – 25 lessons per week, taken 15:00-20:00 Monday to Friday
  • Programme: Fully personalised courses including a FREE 60-minute pre-course planning session
  • Schedule subject to availability


Are you looking for a possibility to combine your job with a language course in the evening? You might have found the perfect solution! Spanish  ONE-TO-ONE GENERAL EVENING SAVER helps you to learn how to speak Spanish confidently and fluently and still having your job obligations in the morning.

The individual one to one Spanish course is very suitable for working people who do not want to miss the chance of learning Spanish next to their everyday life and moreover want to SAVE 20 % of the usual cost for a General Spanish One to One course. Choose your perfect course in the evening from 15:00 to 20:00 and get started!

Evening Private tuition with private Spanish lessons in Spain,1to1 afternoon Private Spanish lessons in Spain, One to One Spanish lessons in Malaga Spain, Private Spanish classes in Malaga,With the interactive whiteboard at the front of your class you will have total immersion learning Spanish with your private teacher. This Spanish course is taken place in the evening, so it is ideal for the people who work in the morning and are free in evenings. Basically it is designed for working professionals. When participating in this course you save 20% of the course price. So, you are not only taken Spanish one-to-one classes during your free evening time but also saving your money. This is a perfect Spanish course at excellent price.

A highly effective and active way of learning. When it comes to planning your time, you have complete flexibility, and the lesson speed.

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It is a private course where there are only one student in the class (You) with one teacher. Here you will have a lot of opportunities to speak in Spanish or to concentrate on the language areas where you encounter a problem either in vocabulary, grammar or speaking.

evening Spanish private classes best option to learn, happy hour private lessons about general Spanish, one to one spanish lessons in spain, Spanish private lessons MalagaThis course is designed for those who want a flexible timetable at a good price, want progress to be faster and especially for those who want to develop rapidly their speaking skills.

The main advantages of the “afternoon saver one-to-one” course:

  • evening hours and free morning
  • faster progress
  • flexible time and contents of the course
  • immediate identification and elimination of weak spots in your Spanish language learning
  • Hours according to availability

Please inform us about your needs and we will be pleased to design a Spanish language course for you. Please inform us about your exact job or exam you need to carry out in Spanish and any problems associated with these tasks. Please also let us know whether your work situation is formal or informal.

One to One Spanish Course levels: Beginners to Advanced learners

Programme of General Spanish
Evening Saver One-to-One Course

Speaking: A lot of speaking and discussion time directly with your teacher
Vocabulary: Learn Spanish for everyday real-life topics and situations
Grammar: Clear explanations, your grammar doubts resolved
Pronunciation: Accent correction coaching
Training: Feedback with the help of Smart-whiteboards


If you need more information, please, complete the form below right and we will contact you

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  • Alhambra Instituto Spanish school features modern classrooms with the latest learning technology.
  • Modern language school in Málaga located on the historic beaches area. Newly-renovated interiors.
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