Spanish for Teachers in Spain, Non-Native Spanish Teacher Training Course,

Spanish for Teachers – Non-Native Spanish Teacher Training Course

Spanish for Teachers: The aim of this course is to help the non-native Spanish teachers to improve the knowledge they already have. We would like to support their profesional development with new techniques that our teachers use already. This course consist of 25 hours each day during 2 weeks.

Spanish course for Spanish Teachers , Seminar for Spanish Teachers - Spanish classes - Immersion ProgramThe classes

Our methodology is based on parts, the first two hours we will learn some Spanish Grammar. We teach, not only the advanced grammar but also the ways how we can explain each rule to the students. During the 3 last hours the teachers will create their own exercices, they will prepare new material for the students of their specific countries, they will create games and interactive material that will help them in the development of their classes, once they are back home.

The second week of the course is even more interesting, the teachers will learn to work with an informatic platform. On this platform we can create material and share it with other teachers or with future students. This platform is already used in many European Universities, and it is very usefull to organize our work and create online exercices.

The last part of the course is a presentation. Each teacher has to prepare a class in Spanish without using their own language. The presentation will be value and comented by the teachers from Alhambra Instituto.

About the Course

Duration 1 or 2 weeks
Frequency 25 lessons per week
Classes Maximum 10 students
Start dates Any Monday, summer time
Level All Levels
Minutes per lesson 55

Prices 2020

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