Malaga: Best Tapas Places in town

Malaga: Best Tapas Places in town

Best Tapas Places in Malaga

Remember the most important advice when going out for tapas: do not stick to one place. Hopping from one place to the other is the way to do it.

Recommended by Kazza36

canas_y_tapas Cañas y Tapas

Off Calle Molina Larios

Very popular and very reasonable Tapas Bar serving different kinds of tapas at the bar prices range from 3 euro to 8 euro, try the gambus pil pil, and there Alibondigas are beautiful. go back every year whilst on day trip to malaga.

Staff are friendly,but speak very little english take a phrase book with you, speak a Little and does help.the location is near to the catherdral and larios street.they also have a main menu in the restaurant section.

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These are recommended by Malaga expert MACPollo:

1. Rincon de El Trillo

Calle Don Juan Díaz, 4

Tel: 952-603-920

This restaurant has been around for more than 30 years and is quite successful. The inside of the restaurant looks like a typical meson, with wine bottles and old photographs being displayed. The menu is traditional Spanish and the food is very delicious, served on beautiful plates. Service is also very attentive and very good. A good place to eat and enjoy. Moderate prices.

2. Rincon de El Trillo

Calle Esparteros, 8

Tel: 952-223-135

3. Gorki

gorki_malaga_tapas Calle Strachan, 6

Tel: 952-221-466

4. Tapelia

Calle Strachan, 9 – 11

Tel: 952-216-337

5. La Rebana

Molina Lario, 4

Tel: 952-608-534

This restaurant serves small open faced sandwiches of many different varieties. The wines served are very good.

6. La Campana

Calle Granada, 35
Tel: 952-219-202

7. Mariano Restaurante

(Sit at the counter).

Plaza del Carbón, 2

Tel: 952-229-050

This restaurant is very big, with a first floor dining room that has a no-smoking section. One of the best in Malaga.

8. El Pimpi

Calle Granada, 62
Tel: 952- 228-990

Hours: Noon to 2 am.

A famous restaurant that many times has guitar music. This is a historic bar and is decorated with big posters of bullfights and Malaga scenes. At one corner of the restaurant is a collection of wine barrels and each one is signed by celebrities, such as the Duchess of Alba and Paloma Picasso. One has a wide choice of what to drink, and the menu lists all the choices. If one wants to eat, the porra (thick tomato soup from Cordoba) is very good. There is also a plato combinado with tortilla, pimiento asados, and carne a la sal.

combinado 9. La Bodega Malagueña

Calle Luis de Velazquez, 2

Tel: 679-929-116

Very good fish tapas.

10. La Reserva XII Vinoteca

Calle La Bolsa, 12

Tel: 952-608-218

This is a great restaurant in the center of Malaga. There is a gorgeous (and rather expensive) restaurant upstairs, but one can sample some of the best tapas in town downstairs. These are not cheap either, but the experience is worth it. It is very traditional. As its name suggests, the wine cellar is great.

tapas_la_barra 11. La Barra

Calle La Bolsa, 8

Tel: 952-223-954

The croquetas de jamón are to die for. More modern also. It does always get packed so be prepared to wait if you arrive at Spanish hours.

12. La Moraga

Fresca, 12

Tel: 952-226-851

This is a new chain opened by the Michelin star awarded chef Dani Garcia. They have also opened a branch at El Corte Ingles (sixth floor) and will operate a place at the new Terminal 3 at the airport. Creative cuisine with deep local roots. The cherry gazpacho is great, as is the ox tail hamburger. They also own a branch in Puerto Banús named La Moraga Ibérica that, as one can imagine, focuses on Iberian products. The branch at El Corte Ingles is big and full of light, with a modern decor that is pleasing to the eye.

paellita 13. El Tapeo de Cervantes

Calle de Carcer, 8
Tel: 952-609-458

This place is run by a lovely Argentinian couple and offer creative tapas. The food is delicious. Try the pumpkin risotto. It is already very popular among visitors, although it is becoming also popular among locals. It is a tiny place, which means that is almost always packed, especially at nights.

14. Pitta Bar

Calle Echegaray, 8
Tel: 952-608-675

This bar serves the best Middle East cuisine. The Mutabal (aubergine cream) and Hummus (chickpea cream) are great.

Suggestions from BennyMalaga:

ensalada_y_gazpacho 15. Meson Lo Gueno

Calle Martin Garcia, 9

Tel: 952-223-048

This meson is located near Calle Larios and is small but the food is good, with moderate prices. It has an extensive tapas menu besides the regular menu, so one can make a meal by ordering several tapas. The bar of the restaurant is across the narrow street and is usually very busy.

16. Taberna El Piyayo

Calle Granada, 36

Tel: 902-416-641

This restaurant has very good fish dishes and tapas. The service is fast and the restaurant opens at 12:30 pm., so one can have an early lunch. The decoration of the restaurant is done with beautiful ceramic wall tiles with the figures of two peacocks. The ceiling has exposed wood beams and there is plenty of red brick on the pillars and walls.

la_moraga_malaga 17. La Cueva de 1900

Calle Martinez, 9

Tel: 952-223-976

This is a good place to try hams, chorizo, and other pork products. Very near Calle Larios.

18. Mamalena Tapas

Calle Alcazabilla, 12

Tel: 952-229-135

There are 25 different tapas on the menu and most cost 2.00€ each.

combinado 19. Garum Casual Restaurante

Alcazabilla, 1 (Across the entrance to the Alcazaba)

Tel: 952-218-408

Hours: Sunday to Thursday – 10H to 17H; Friday and Saturday – 12H to 17H, 20H to 24H; Closed Monday.

Garum is a restaurant with modern decor and is quite spacious. There is seating in front of the restaurant. There is a tapa dish that contains 10 different tapas and this costs 7.50€. Another tapa dish contains 6 pinchos and costs 10.50€. Each of these dishes is a meal in itself. The food is very delicious and the presentation is marvelous. The service is very friendly and the restaurant is run by a family, and father and son are called Angel. Besides the tapas, there are regular dishes too. The location in front of the Alcazaba and the Roman theater is very convenient to tourists who have visited these sights. Take a look at their website.

uvedoble 20. Uvedoble Taberna

Calle Cister, 15

Tel: 951-248-478

Uvedoble Taberna is located on the street where the entrance to the Cathedral is. It is a small restaurant but has a wide variety of tapas. Look at their website and see the list and the prices. Service is very friendly.

21. Enoteca & Vinoteca Cropani

Palacio de Cropani

Calle Alamos, 7

Tel: 952-223-139

enoteca The Cropani Palace is a beautifully restored little palace, an architectural gem. The palace is from the 18th century and is a neoclassic building, the former home of the Marqueses of Cropani. The palace has a beautiful interior patio with gorgeous tiles from Seville on the walls, similar to those found in the Alcazar in Seville. This restaurant is situated in this elegant palace and the furnishings are very impressive. This is a place for those who want the best in life. The tapas are elaborate affairs and cost between 7 and 12€. The wine selection is tremendous. The elite will meet in this restaurant and will enjoy seeing its beautiful architecture. There are three floors built around a patio with a glass ceiling, so there is plenty of light. This restaurant is one of the most beautiful in the city and the service is very friendly. Take a friend to this restaurant to impress her. Take a look at their very good website. The restaurant has been named as the best and most exquisite new wine bar by the Guía 2010 de las mejores vinotecas y Espacios Gourmets de España. This restaurant gets an A for atmosphere.

22. El Despachito de Gloria

Calle Huescar, 4

(Close to El Corte Ingles)

Tel: 685-194-594

This tapas place has fish tapas at a very inexpensive price. There is a very wide variety of fish that one can order. Most plates cost 5 euros. Service is very friendly. Try the Malaga champagne cocktail.

Suggestions from Superb12 from Newcastle:

tapitas 23. Meson Iberico

Calle San Lorenzo, 27
Tel: 952-603-290

Situated at the corner of Calle San Lorenzo, a short walk from Alameda Principal, this bar can get quite busy, which is a good sign, and apart from the bar there is a small restaurant inside also. The food is very good with the usual selection of shellfish, meats, cheese and wine. The bar staff are very friendly and helpful and this is one of the few bars that when one orders the first drink gives a free tapa.

24. Cafeteria Axarquia

Alameda Principal, 36

Tel: 952-219-134

This is on a corner not far from the Tetuan Bridge crossing the Guadalmedina River. This bar, although having half its area dedicated to slot machines, has a bar area at the front which has some tables and seating at the bar. The tapas are good and the drinks are the cheapest. Good value.

25. Meson La Alcazaba

Avenida Manuel Agustin Heredia, 20

Tel: 952-608-467

This restaurant has seating inside and out and is a popular lunchtime destination for locals. This is another bar that gives a free tapa with drinks purchased. It also does a reasonable Menu of the Day for 8 Euros.

26. Pepa y Pepe

Calle Caldereria, 9

This bar is on a corner in Calle de la Calderería fairly central in the old town nice bar with seating inside as well as a number of barrels with seats around outside. This bar has a good selection of tapas and the drinks are reasonable, the staff are helpful and quick to serve. As this is situated on a busy street one can enjoy the food while watching the hustle and bustle of Malaga.

27. Il Laboratorio Trattoria

Carretería, 92
Tel: 952-224-998

This bar and restaurant is a bit of an upmarket student bar, and it has a large bar area as well as a restaurant area. There is a large outside seating area and the atmosphere is good. The tapas and drinks are reasonably priced and worth a visit.

28. Bar La Tranca

Calle Carretería, corner with Calle Ollerías

If one wants local atmosphere and is feeling adventurous, La Tranca is small, dark and full of locals. The beer and wine are good and reasonably priced. The other clientele seem to enjoy the food.

29. Bodegas Quitapenas

Carretera de Guadalmar, 12

Tel: 952-247-595

Nice atmosphere, large seating area inside barrels and chairs outside. Usually busy, as always a good sign, good selection of tapas, nice beer and wine and the staff are always friendly and the prices reasonable, what more would you want.

Suggestions from CathyDM from Hermosa Beach:

30. Antigua Casa De Guardia

Alameda Principal, 18

Tel: 952-214-680

casa_el_guardia This is a classic Malaga wine bodega. This is a really old bar with large wine barrels against the wall. The bar is long and narrow and when one orders a drink the barman chalks the price on the bar in front of the customer, and at the end the barman adds up the total and one pays and the chalk rubbed off. There is a small selection of seafood one can purchase and the wines are really nice and most cost between 1 and 1.20 Euros a glass. This place has been around since the 1800’s and was supposedly a haunt of Picasso’s. It has a lot of atmosphere and character where one is served wine/sherry straight from the huge barrels behind the bar. The crowd is quite mixed – from businessmen to bums. But it is a must just to go for the ambiance – particularly if one wants a real, local place. It is also quite cheap. They have plates of super fresh langostinos (large prawns) that go great with a glass of fino.

31. Bar Orellana

bar-orellana Moreno Monroy, 5

Tel: 952-223-012


This place is across the street from Restaurante El Chinitas (good restaurant also).

Great atmosphere, small, crowded, – push your way in and you will love this place!

List of Common Tapas – Courtesy of PaulCostas:

aceitunas = olives

albóndigas = meatballs

alitas de pollo – chicken wings

almendras: fried almonds

almejas: clams

anchoas = anchovies

atun: tuna

bacalao: cod

boquerones fritos: deep-fried anchovies

boquerones = anchovies

berberechos = cockles

bombas: fried meat and potato ball

cabrillas = large snails with tomato

calamares = squid

callos = tripe

caracoles = snails

carne en salsa = meat in tomato sauce

champiñones = mushrooms fried in garlic

chiperones: fried whole baby squid

chocos = deep fried cuttlefish

chorizo = spicy sausage

cocido = stew

croquetas de… = crispy-fried croquettes with…

empanadas: pies filled with meat or seafood

empanadilla = fish/meat pasty

ensaladilla rusa = russian salad

escalibada = aubergine (eggplant) and pepper salad

garbanzos = chick peas

gambas = prawns

gambas pil-pil: prawns in garlic and chilli

gazpacho: cold garlic and/or tomato soup

habas = broad beans

habas con jamón = broad beans with ham

hígado = liver

huevo cocido = hard-boiled egg

jamón serrano = dried ham (like parma ham)

lomo: cured pork loin

mejillones = mussels

Muslitos cangrejos – Little crab thighs.

navajas = razor clams

patatas alioli = potatoes in garlic mayonnaise

patatas bravas = spicy fried potatoes

pimientos = peppers

Pinchitos kebabs on skewer

pisto = ratatouille

pulpo = octopus

rabo de toro: oxtail stew

revuelto de…: scrambled eggs with…

riñones al jerez = kidneys in sherry

sardinas: fresh sardines

salchicha = sausage

sepia = cuttlefish

tortilla española = potato omelette

tapas: snack-size portions

raciónes: larger meal-size portions

media ración: half a meal-size portion

pan: bread

queso: cheese

queso manchego: sheep cheese

tabla serrana: a plate of cured meat and cheese.

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