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What to do this weekend in Malaga?

What to do this weekend in Malaga?

What to do this weekend in Málaga?

Finally it is Friday! The sun is shining, the summer is coming and next week the European Championship starts. Excited already? But before that starts we have one weekend to go. What is happening this weekend in Malaga? A lot actually! I am sure that with the following tips you won’t be bored this weekend.

Friday the 3rd of June

  • Go to the Patio’s Los Corralones

If you ever been to Córdoba you have seen the most beautiful patios in the world. However, not only Córdoba has beautiful patios. This week in June (from the 3rd until the 10th) the “Casas Corralones” in Malaga open up its patios for people. Casas Corralones are typical houses which date back to the 19th century. These are houses built closely together and share a patio in the middle. Here, the families who lived around it, enjoyed social activities together. The houses with a shared patio were originally constructed with the purpose to provide cheaper housing. To make it a nice place to stay the people started decorating their houses with flowers and they even organized several competitions whose house is decorated most beautiful.

During this week the patios of La Trinidad and El Perchel can be visited in the morning and the afternoon. This little map shows you all the participating patios and the cultural events taking place. You can stroll around and taste some tapas prepared by the locals. It is a chance to see the most pure expression of the Andalusian culture.

  • Get prepared for “La Gran Ilusión” in the theatre

Are you a theatre fan? And do you love magicians and the art of magic? Then you should go to the theatre this weekend. Antonio Diaz, “El Mago Pop”, presents his new show in Teatro Alameda. His show contains a big amount of humour, an unbelievable way of manipulation, extremely powerful magic and a fantastic choice of music. Today you can go to the show at 20:30 and it costs 31€. Saturday he performs at 18:00 and at 21:00 and on Sunday at 17:00 and at 19:30. The tickets for both Saturday and Sunday cost 36€. Can you discover his secrets or will you just be blown away?

Saturday the 4th of June

Visit the neighbourhood Soho for a different weekend in Malaga in June
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  • Visit the “Barrio de las Artes” during the Made in SOHO market

Soho Malaga is a neighbourhood in Malaga where the inhabitants took own initiative to renovate the livelihood. As a result the neighbourhood became famous for its culture and art and it therefore is called “Barrio de las Artes”. The proximity of the touristic sights of the city together with the special architecture and the wide variety of cultural centres make Soho a neighbourhood with a rich future

This Saturday the “Made in SOHO Market” takes place. From 11:00 to 18:00 you can enjoy the great atmosphere, buy hand-made stuff and taste great gastronomic food. Definitely worth a visit.

  • Get active during the NEON Night Malaga

The neon night is a charity walk at “Muelle Uno”. You will walk 5 kilometres with the main goal to create a moment of solidarity and happiness. The charity for which you walk is LIFE 10, who focusses on the attention for elderly people living alone. For 10€ you can join (there is a special discount for families!) and you receive a packet with different fluorescent decorative elements. Great idea to bond with your family or maybe make new friends?

Sunday the 5th of June

  • Dance your feet off at ElArtSenal Jazz

In the corner of the harbour you can find a place called “ElArtSenal”. It is a cultural place which focusses on arts and culture. Painting, sculptures, photography, literature and music, those are the things you will find here. There are weekly language interchanges and other cultural activities organized here. This weekend you can dance your feet off with some great live Jazz music!

  • Visit the Retro Market “El Rastro Cultural de la Térmica”

For this market you need to travel a little bit since it is not located right in the city centre but it will definitely be worth it. It is a cultural market where real unique things can be bought and tasty food can be tested. This Sunday there also will be a Bollywood-show, paintings in this style, Indian food and a pop-up restaurant with the identity of Malaga. Just a different market than the normal ones. Sometimes you just need something a bit different. 

So what are you going to do during your weekend in Malaga?