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Málaga por la noche

Málaga por la noche

salir con los compis

Málaga por la noche

Last Saturday we went out with the workmates. Well, actually me, Ana and her tween sister went to find Maurizio in a bar, or two, or three
It was my first night out in Malaga. I got surprised by the fact that not only young people go out to have fun at night, in bars,
but also people in their early or even late 40’s and 50’s! It´s the first time I see something like this.
So, I guess that if I were spanish, it’s probable that I be in the same bar with my mum and her friends… amazing!!
Apparently, spanish people stay young and full of energy and passion for their whole life…

always young


That´s one more reason

to come here!



P.S. This Monday 2/11/2015 is “Día de los Muertos”= holiday!!= trip^^