Last (Friday)+weekend+Monday I went to Morocco to visit a friend of mine who is from Larache and his friend Arbi came with us.


Friday 30/11/2015 after finishing work, I run to catch the bus to Algeciras! I had planned to visit a friend of mine in Morocco. And so I did.

To go to Morocco from Spain, you have to cross the Strait of Gibraltar. The ship was shaking (only in my opinion) but at the end, we arrived in Tanger.

Imagine this without light. At 10pm

tanger old city

That afternoon, there was a demonstration against the Electicity Company so no lights were used. It made Morocco scarying for me… Walking around the small streets, people shouting to sell their products… so many people passing next to you… But it was ok at the end. When we left.

la playa de larache

Day 1: We had a walk in Larache, a small city next to the sea. The only thing you can do there is have a quick walk around the center and then go straight to the beach. Beautiful beach!! Huge, clean, easy to get… in summer it’s crowded but is worth it! Even if it’s November, we swam in the atlantic! It was chilly, but not unsupportable.

Then we visited Lixus. It´s not what you expect. It is in a very bad condition. I would not recommend it, except if you are an archaeologist.

At the afternoon we went to Tanger again. We had diner in the port. That place reaaally stinks. BUT the sea food was great and we experienced the outdoor sink(?)- Having diner there really makes you feel like a local.

moroccian sink
"The blue city" of Morocco

Day 2: Tetouan. This city used to be very very important. It’s not that beautiful, or interesting. Nothing to mention…

Chefchaouen!!! A typical maghrebian city. It was so beautiful! All the houses where blue! We walked through the small streets, saw the small arabic touristic shops, and tasted good food. I loved that city! If you go to Morocco, don’t miss it.

In our way home, we got a ticket for overtaking a motorcycle. However, you have the option not to have the ticket, by providing a small “tip” to the officers… So, you give 7€ instead of 70 and keep going.

Last day: Asilah. Asilah is a very touristic, yet beautiful town. I guess it has many visitors during summer. There where modern restaurants everywhere. And many arabic shops. We went to a “balcony” with a great view to the Atlantic. I loved this city! It combines tradition with tourism.

And then, it was the Cave of Hercules in the Cap Spartel. As they told me, the terrasse right above the beach used to be different, but now there is nothing there. The King ordered to take off all the tables… now there is only sand. The cave was impressive. It could easy be turned into a normal house with a window to the sea…

One thing you should visit in Tanger is the market in the Casa Barata neighbourhood. It´s a normal market with things and clothes. You can only see local people there. It’s not at all touristic. Very authentic.

Grottes d'Hercules, Tanger

Tips: -Try to avoid eye contact. They are not used to seeing women.

-Be with a man, if possible. You’ll feel and be more safe.

-Eat a lot! Try everything you see

-If you only have a couple of days, stay in the northern Morocco. Don’t go to the south or center. Cities like Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakesh, Fez need more time.


Total transportation cost from Malaga Maria Zambrano to Tanger city Port and back: 104,14€