Málaga – Average August Weather

Málaga – Average August Weather

Crowds flock to the beaches across Andalucia during August, and in Malaga as the humidity rises a dip in the sea is a daily neccessity.

image The summer sun shimmers through a brown haze on to the bronzed bathers cavorting on the ribbons of sandy beaches that fringe the Mediterranean through the length of the Costa del Sol.
A typical scene enacted every year since tourism evolved during the early 60s.
The talk of climate change,  and harmful rays from the sun, have reduced the enthusiasm for uninhibited  sunbathing.
However,  most people view the sun with respect and the hordes of lobster-coloured tourists have largely disappeared.
The steady whirr of air-conditioning is commonplace during August.
Not so much due to the high temperatures, sea breezes restrict day-time values to 27 or 28 Celsius (81-82F), but more because of the high humidity.

Until a land breeze develops later in the night, and often it does not, the air remains warm and oppressive, and without temperature regulation the northern european may fell especially uncomfortable during August.

Although a month of sunshine is not unusual, there are occasional blips in the fine weather.
Sea fog cannot be ruled out in August,  and if it does occur, it can feel akin to a sauna as the mist drifts onshore from the warm sea. 

An unsettled spell of weather would be very unexpected during August, but a thundery shower, usually of the type that drift north from Morocco overnight, may occur.
Towards the latter part of the month, northern Europe generally becomes more changeable, and some of the weather fronts heralding the change to autumn, may penetrate Spain has rapidly weakening features.
Rain from these fronts is uncommon, but a band of cloud may spoil the sunshine for a few hours. 
On rare occasions, a front may be sufficiently active to prevent the usually sea breeze/land breeze sequence.
If this occurs, and a northwesterly wind continues to blow through the day, then temperatures may exceed 40 Celsius (104F) with 30+ Celsius (86F) at night.

For a slow holiday, lovers of heat and sunshine should find the weather in August on the Costa del Sol perfect.