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Music to improve my Spanish

Music to improve my Spanish

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Preguntas a Fran: Which Spanish music I can listen to understand and improve my Spanish?

MUSIC… great question!!


Listen to music is a good way to improve your Spanish, even if you are not paying attention to the music some phrases will stay in your mind, you will understand the way we talk or construct sentences, and you can enjoy at the same time our music that is really good 🙂

To understand the Spanish music you need to have an intermediate level of Spanish, anyway you can always download the lyrics of the song and read it while you are listening, this is a great way to start.

I will talk a little bit about some singers that sing in Spanish, they don´t have a strong accent and their music is not too fast, so you could understand what they are saying.

I will start with Julieta Venegas

She is a Mexican singer that compose her own music. Activist and humanist, with really nice songs, like this one “Limón y Sal”

Enjoy! 🙂

Fito y Fitipaldis

A rock Spanish group from the north of Spain. They use their music to protest about the situation of Spain or even the world. In this song about a broken heart, they tell us how some mistakes in your life you would live them again even knowing that it is a mistake, “Me equivocaría otra vez”.


She is a charismatic singer talking also about problems in the society, you will find some slowly songs, but also she has some that are faster.

Vetusta Morla

An indie rock band from Madrid, so they have really good accent 😉

They have some difficult lyrics, even for the Spanish people, but with a deep meaning. It would be nice if you could listen, analyse and try to understand their lyrics.

India Martinez

And for the people who prefer the Andalusian music, here I present you India Martinez, a very romantic singer, she will steal your heart. Be careful, she has a little more Andalusian accent than the rest.

So, her you have my recommendation about Spanish music, now it is time to take your headphones, listen to music and move your body (while you are learning).


Hope you like it! I will wait for more interesting questions! ^^