Our Activities

Our Activities

Our Spanish schools offer a wide variety of different courses in Spain and also organise activities for your free time. Have fun while you’re learning Spanish.

Learning Spanish should not be limited to the classroom and we therefore organise lots of cultural and leisure activities during your stay.

Our programme of extra-curricular activities and excursions is designed to help students get to know Spanish culture and make the most of their stay.

Combined with our Spanish courses, these activities are a great way of practicing Spanish in everyday situations and of getting to know the city and Spanish people. Alhambra gives you the opportunity to meet friends for life.

spanish intensive courses in malaga

Alhambra organises a barbecue/paella once a week.

This gives students the opportunity to learn how to cook typical Spanish dishes and afterwards, of course, they can also eat them.We have lots of other fun activities such as spanish singing classes, karaoke, welcome and goodbye parties, beach sports, etc..

Once a week we organise a tapas night. We go to the best ‘Bares de Tapas’ and often the party continues until early the next morning.

Salsa and flamenco are very popular latin dances in Spain. In Alhambra we have dancing classes for those who are interested.

Once a week, we show Spanish films in the multimedia classrooms. The films are shown in spanish with english subtitles. This is a great way to improve your spanish in your free time.

At the weekends we organise trips to nearby towns. We have half-day trips (to Marbella, Nerja..) and full day trips (to Granada, Seville, Cordoba..) which include guided tours and entry into tourist attractions. There all also some weekend trips (Morroco, Ibiza, Madrid..).

We organise outings to cultural events such as carnavals,festivals, the theatre, the cinema,… this all enables students to experience Spanish culture and learn about the history of Spain.

At Alambra Institute you can learn spanish in a diverse and fun way. The spanish courses and the activities that we offer are for all levels and all ages.

We look forward to seeing to soon at Alambra Institute!