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Paella española – ¡Qué rica!

Paella española – ¡Qué rica!

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Yesterday evening we had our traditional Paella at the school – made from one of our teachers called Lorenzo. The get-together started around 08:30 p.m. – the students enjoyed some drinks and took a look at Lorenzo preparing the traditional  spanish Paella.

Here some short instructions for making your own delicios Paella!

First you start cooking the onions and pepper in a typical pan with olive oil. After, you add small pieces of chicken and strained tomatos. You turn everything over for a few times but very slowly so it can cook and binden. You can put some spices in the Paella but try once in a while so it doesn’t get too spicy for you! As a next step you put the peas and calamaris into the pan, don´t forget to add some water from time to time so it doesn´t get too dry in the end.

As a last ingredient you take the Paellarice and mix it with everything else. Now you can sit down and have a glass of wine because the Paella needs some minutes for cooking. When everything is done you can garnish the Paella with lemon, gambas, common mussel or with red pepper and serve it with some bread.

The Paella will taste very good but of course not as good as from our teacher Lorenzo because he adds something that you cant buy: dedication!

As it was finished the Paella looked fantastic! Beside of the delicious food the Paella night is always a good time to get to know the students from our school and of course the teachers. After the dinner we sat together and enjoyed some cool drinks, nice conversations and the beautiful atmosphere.

¡A disfrutar la comida española!

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