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Picasso Museum: 5 reasons why you should visit it!

Picasso Museum: 5 reasons why you should visit it!

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Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Malaga at Plaza de la Merced on October 25 1881. That is also the reason why you can find a statue of him sitting on a bench in the middle of the square. Picasso left Malaga ten years later for La Coruña with his family. During Christmas in 1900 he returned with his friend Carlos Casagemas, a painter as well. After three weeks in Malaga he left again and never returned. He was nineteen years old when his career launched with great success in Barcelona and France, but he never forgot Malaga. A friend of him, Juan Temboury Álvarez kept him up to date about life in his city of birth. Álvarez even found it so important for the city not to forget Picasso that he published an article in the journal Malaga called ‘Malaga and the Painter Picasso’. A fascinating story isn’t it? And this is just the beginning. Picasso is often seen as one of the most important artist in the history and his artwork are not just normal creations. I hear you thinking… You’re not really a fan of watching art? I agree that watching art is quite a difficult activity. But let me give you some reasons why you should visit the Picasso Museum in Malaga, and I am sure you will change your mind…

“Todo lo que puede ser imaginado es real”

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1. Part of the local culture The Picasso Museum is part of the local culture of Malaga. It is highly valued by the locals and therefore a must see when you are in Malaga, definitely if you are learning Spanish. You just cannot come home from your trip and say you did not visit the Picasso Museum! The Museum became part of the local culture when Picasso had a desire to offer his native city a part of the fruits of his artistic accomplishments and therefore his daughter Christine Ruiz Picasso and grandson Bernard Ruiz Picasso decided to donate the Collection. This donation let the Andalusian authorities decide to construct the Picasso Museum.   2. Free Audio Guides When you enter the museum you will receive a free audio guide! This makes it easier for you to observe the artwork and you thus cannot use that excuse anymore not to visit it. The Collection of Picasso is shown in 11 rooms with 233 paintings. What made Picasso so famous was the fact that he tried to transform his artwork into a gesture that supported absolute individual liberty, despite of the conventions, rules, policies and beliefs in that time.  He was able to interpret and relativize the painting created by painters of the past and that can be seen!

Picasso Museum has made a monument for Picasso at Plaza de la Merced

3. Free admission on Sundays from 17:00 Yes that is right, free admission! Everything is better when it is free, isn’t it? Money may also play a big role in why you maybe do not want to visit the museum, but also this excuse is wiped away when you go on Sundays at 17:00 o´clock or later. The only thing you might have to take into account is that it can be crowded.   4. The building with a surprise The Palacio de los Condes de Buenavista is the home of the Permanent Collection of Picasso The building is incredibly beautiful, dating back from the Renaissance period with Moorish elements which makes it not weird that it is declared as a National Monument in 1939. The building was restored some years ago and during this restoration they discovered Roman and Phoenician ruins. After you have seen the artworks, treat your eyes with this delicately displayed wonder!   5. Special Exhibition Jackson Pollock Jackson Pollock might not sound familiar to you, but it is one of the most proactive and influential American artists of the 20th Century. His painting ‘Mural’ will be exhibited for the first time, and probably the last time, in Spain in the Picasso Museum! What actually is so special about this painting? Well this painting is seen as the most important painting in the US modern art with an impressive size of 6 meters wide and 2,5 meters high! Wouldn’t it be amazing to tell your friends and family that you have seen it in real life?

So what is stopping you now from visiting the Picasso Museum?