Port of Málaga

Port of Málaga

Malaga port paseo de la farola The Port of Malaga is situated in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, on the Southern Coast of the Mediterranean, sheltered by a natural bay, at 4º 25’ W and 36º 43’ N. The dominant S and SE winds are generally low in speed. It boasts a flotation area of 7,095 hectares and a land surface area of 1.150.884 m2 at present.

The port’s main activity is importation, where we can emphasize between unloading products bulks of clinker, cereals, cement and coke and between the principal exported products: dolomite, olive pulp and olive oil. Other traditional traffic in the Port of Málaga, and not less important, they are cabotage traffic: general goods, vehicles and passengers that are moved by regular lines with Melilla.

Special mention must be made of Tourist Cruise traffic, as this is the Iberian peninsula’s second most important cruise ship port, a fact witnessed by the presence of the world’s leading cruise lines. This traffic continues registering an rising process for some years, the year 2008 it was closed with 271 scales and 352.993 passengers closing the exercise 2009 with 487.955 cruise passengers.

Until recently the port settings dating from the nineteenth century, but the technological changes happened in the last times have revolutionized the industry of the transport and the Port of Malaga began a deep process of transformation that has concluded with the duplication of the terrestrial surface of the same one and has provided the base necessary for the development of new traffics in this Port. This process has materialized in the construction of a dike of closing that gives moor to the biggest cruises of the world and the construction of a new polyvalent wharf where there has begun the traffic of containers and new vehicles.

On the other hand, the Special Plan of the Port will suppose possessing in the near future an excellent offer of activities available to all and in the centre of town, amusement afoot of wharf for the cruise passengers and an area of attraction for the tourists who should visit Malaga.

Everything previous establishes the foundations of a new Port to the service of the industry and of the citizen.