priavate lessons, spanish courses, Spain, Malaga, one to one, individual lesson

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Private Spanish Lessons

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Private Spanish Lessons

Private Spanish lessons in Spain

priavate lessons, spanish courses, Spain, Malaga, one to one, individual lesson

When searching for a Spanish language course you probably will encounter a massive overload of different kind of courses. You then need to make the decision whether you would like to go for group lessons or prefer private lessons. Have you every thought about taking private lessons? It is a great possibility for you when you want to learn a lot in a short period of time!

Why should you take private Spanish lessons?

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Private spanish lessons in Spain, Private spanish lessons in malaga, 1-2-1 Private Spanish lessons in Spain,One-to-One Spanish courses in malaga,1. Interaction with the teacher

Interaction with the teacher is very important, along with improving the student’s conversational skills. The focus is on you and only you and you will be forced to give answer to each question the teacher asks. You cannot hide behind others when you’re in doubt and therefore you discover more quickly your weak spots.

2. Quickest way to learn a language

It often occurs that you really want to learn a language quickly, but you find yourself slowed down by other students. Taking private Spanish lessons is the best way of teaching and the most efficient way to quickly learn a language to a high standard without being delayed by others!

3. Personalized learning

The private Spanish lessons can completely be adapted to the individual’s students’ needs and motivation. Do you want to prepare for an oral exam or do you prefer to in the end master the “subjuntivo”? It is all possible during one to one private lessons.

4. Flexibility

The format of the lessons are chosen by you and you can often choose when you prefer the classes to take place, either in the morning or the afternoon. In this way you have plenty of time to discover the beautiful surroundings of Malaga and bring your Spanish conversational skills into practice!

Learn Spanish at Alhambra Instituto. One to one private lessons as well as group lessons.

Why should you choose for Alhambra Instituto?

Alhambra Instituto has a broad variety of resources and uses up-to-date material for the classes. All classes are equipped with interactive whiteboards which allows the teacher to make the learning experience more fun and interesting. Besides this students are encouraged to bring their own material to make the lessons more relevant to their own needs. They even can arrange afternoon activities outside the school to work on the specific interest of the student.

So why should you not try it? Look at some of these amazing offers we have for you:

Practical information about the normal private lessons at Alhambra Instituto 

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  • Starting dates: Any workday. 
  • Lessons per week: 5, 10, 20… choose as many extra language lessons as you would like to have (during the same week)
  • Duration: Any duration but a minimum of 1 week
  • Levels: Beginner (A1) to Proficiency (C2)
  • Important information: Prices are set per student. For private lessons with more than one student all participants must agree and sign up for the same package.
  • Lesson duration: 55 minutes each.  
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