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Public Transport in Malaga – How to get around?

Public Transport in Malaga – How to get around?

When you arrive in Malaga you probably want to be the tourists and see some important sights, isn’t it? Not for all sights, but for some you will need to use the public transport. Especially once you want to travel outside Malaga. Luckily Malaga has a well-connected public transport system with a wide selection of busses, trains and city-bicycle hire services that can take your from A to B.


Taking the bus is possible as well within the city centre as well to cities a bit further away.

The company EMT runs all of Malaga’s city buses, counting in total approximately 50 different lines. The busier the route, the more often the bus operates. To get to our language school you can always take bus 3 or 11, which operate every 10 minutes each. And you know what is also great and very important? Almost all busses are air-conditioned! A single bus ticket costs 1.30€ but you also have the possibility to buy a 10-journey ticket for 8.30€ or a monthly bus pass f or 39,95€.

By taking long-distance busses you can get a little bit further away than just Malaga city. You can for example travel to Marbella, a very popular destination which cannot be reached by train from Málaga. The long-distance buses are not too expensive and quite comfortable. Depending on your budget and preferences you can choose to take the long-distance bus or the long-distance train. The most famous bus provider is Alsa and all long-distance busses depart from Malaga Bus Station at Paseo de los Tilos.


There are two types of trains you can take in Malaga: the long-distance trains to for example Seville or Madrid, or the “Cercanias” which goes to the nearby towns and Malaga Airport.

With the Cercanias the train starts at Malaga and the route ends at Fuengirola. Between those two stops you encounter stops at popular coastal cities, like Torremolinos and Benálmadena. This train runs from 5:20 until 23:30 and the prices depends on the zone you are traveling to, varying from 1,75€ to 3,55€ one way.

The RENFE long distance trains are a great option if you want to leave Malaga for the weekend (or just a day) to another amazing Spanish city a little bit further away. To Seville for example it takes you 2 hours and 45 minutes one way and costs about 20€. Other routes might take longer and are more expensive. Check the website of RENFE for the prices and duration of trips.

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Public Transport in Malaga - The way to get around in the city


A last option for public transportation is a very special way. Malaga namely has city bicycles for rent, called “Malaga Bici”. You can pick up a bike from several self-service points throughout the whole city and return them at any of these points after you used them.

To use the service you must register with Malaga Bici where you will need a credit card number. The credit card acts as guarantee if you do not return the bike in the end.

The nice thing is that the first 30 minutes of using the Malaga Bici city bike are free. From 31 minutes onwards, the cost is 0,017€ per minute. You can buy credit worth 5€ or 10€ at a time.

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