Seville City Centre

Seville City Centre


spain-seville_29 At the heart of one of the largest cities in Spain, and captial of the Andalusian region, you find Seville´s city centre. Seville is one of the most culturally rich cities in Spain, and contains many monuments and architectural interests ranging from Roman, through to Moorish and on to modern designs.

Of course, the city is also full of modern amenities, places to shop and bars and restaurants to enjoy a night out!

If you want to see the grand monuments that Seville has to offer, it is probably best to start with its cathedral; collossal and majestic, the Cathedral is built from the old mosque which existed there before. It took more than 100 years to build, and is considered one of the largest cathedrals in the world.

Visitors can climb the bell tower and get a spectacular view of the whole city and surrounding area.

sevilla_giralda Across from the Cathedral you find the Alcázar of Seville. Originally a Moorish fort, it now serves as a royal palace. Over the years, it has acquired many different types of architectural additions, and so today you can see aspects of Moorish, Andalusian and Christian design.

The gardens there are also definitely worth seeing, as they are beautifully arranged into terraces displaying different types of plants and layouts.

There´s also the Town Hall (16th century) and University (18th century) which, although not specifically for tourists to visit, are part of the culture of Seville, and are among the institutions that help keep seville a traditional, yet developing, Spanish city.


The centre is also full of bars, restaurants and shops as one would expect of a modern and lively city. As in all Spanish cities, the nighlife in Seville goes on into the late hours and you should never be without something to do. And if you´re stuck for an activity, you can always visit one of the many “Jardines” (gardens) which are dotted throughout the city, with some just outside the centre. There you can relax, think – and perhaps plan your next move…