Spanish books that help you improve your Spanish

Spanish books that help you improve your Spanish

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learn spanish with spanish books

Do you already know how to present yourself? And have you tried watching movies and singing songs already? Then it will be time for something new. What about reading? Reading books is a great way to improve your Spanish. It might be a challenge at first, but with our tips, tricks and recommendations you will enjoy many Spanish stories!

Why should you read Spanish books?

When you read Spanish books you will learn subconsciously. The way the sentences are constructed will become familiar to you and in the end you will even use this way of sentence construction yourself because you have seen it so often. Besides that, your vocabulary will make incredible improvements! You can see this as well in your own language. Haven’t they always encouraged you to read a lot? That’s because reading strengthends your vocabulary!

It might be a good idea to have a dictionary near you while reading Spanish books. However, this does not mean you need to use it every time you don’t know a word. Try to guess the definition of the word first by reading further. If you don’t understand the context afterwards you should look it up.

The more you practise and the more words you learn, the easier and more fun it will become! Don’t give up too easily. Every day you will see that you have improved!

Our recommendations of Spanish books

There are many great Spanish books, but you should carefully look to your level before choosing one. Let’s see what Spanish books we recommend you…

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Spanish books El Secreto de la Arboleda
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El Secreto de la Arboleda

This is a perfect book for beginners, since it actually is a book for Spanish children. The book tells the story of Frenesto Gil Abad. One day he and his friend Marijuli go for a walk to the forest. Mysteriously they meet a fairy who lives in one of the trees. Together with the fairy, Frenesto and Marijuli go on many adventures…

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El Pirata Garrapata

This book does not lack humour! Pirata Garrapata crosses the seven seas and the five continents. You will go on adventures with him!


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For the intermediate learner we recommend the books of Carlos Ruíz Zafon or the Spanish books of Eduardo Mendoza. Both writers use an easy language and very interesting stores that won’t let you stop reading. Let me tell you something more about the books of Carlos Ruíz Zafon. His most famous book series is called “El cementerio de los libros olvidados”. It consists of four books, but only three of them are published yet. The series contain the following books:

Spanish books - la sombra del viento
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La sombra del viento

This story takes place in Barcelona and concerns a young boy called Daniel Sempere. Just after the war, Daniel’s father takes him to the secret Cemetery of Forgotten Books where many forgotten titles are stored. Everyone initiated to this secret place is allowed to take one book and must protect it forever. Daniel chooses the book “La sombra del viento” from Julián Carax. But when reading he finds some unexpected things… Interesting right? Read the first pages of La sombra del viento and see if you like it! 

el juego del ángel is one of the Spanish books!
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El juego del ángel

This book is about David Martín, a young man making his living by writing sensationalist novels. One day David receives a letter from a French editor, Andreas Corelli, who gives him the offer of a lifetime. He asks David to write a book that does not exist yet and has the power to change hearts and minds. In return he will receive a fortune. When David begins to work he realizes that there is something happening in his house…

El prisionero del cielo is one of the Spanish books
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El prisionero del cielo

Daniel Sempere has settled with his wife and son who live above the family bookshop. One day a mysterious man arrives and asks about a rare copy of the book “El Conde de Montecristo” that is kept in a display case behind the desk. Although he does not buy it for himself. He start writing something on the cover page for Fermin, the men who he wants to give this book to. When Fermin comes to the shop the mystery starts…


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El tiempo entre costuras one of the Spanish books
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El tiempo entre costuras

Sira, a Spanish women, travels to Tanger to follow a man that she actually does not really know. The politic and social situation is not great at this moment in Spain. It is a romantic story with hard moments, efforts, politic movements and love. Difficult, but beautiful!

What are you waiting for? Grab a book and start reading!