Spanish Course and Feria in Malaga

Spanish Course and Feria in Malaga

Alhambra Instituto offers you a special studying program to improve your Spanish and to become a witness of the most important celebration of the year in Costa del Sol – Feria de Malaga! This studying program starts on 18th of August!


To participate in this interesting Spanish Language Course during the Feria in Málaga you can come even a week earlier to take part in the ceremony of opening the Malaga Feria on 16th of August or just start come to Málaga on Saturday 16th of August and start your course on Monday 4th of August! First check the dates of the flight from your city to Malaga. Right now you can find many interesting offers. And Alhambra Instituto team will make sure that you will get a proper accommodation for this period according to your needs and preferences. In Alhambra Instituto in Malaga, you will have time to make new friends, to meet the city and to spend a really nice time celebrating the unique festival with other students before your studying course starts.

It´s really worth seeing it! This is the event which the citizens of Malaga are waiting for during the whole year and preparing for it! The Feria de Malaga se divide in different areas of celebration – in the Cortijo de Torres during the night and in the historical center of Málaga, so called Feria of the Day.

Decorated streets with laterns and flowers, colorful spanish costumes and dresses, parades of horses and orchestras, bullfighting, equine competitions…

This all you can´t miss!

A Spanish festival known also as Feria de Malaga attracts millions of tourists annually. The origin of the holidays goes back in 1487 when on the 18th of August the Catholic King and Queen (Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon) conquered the city and liberated the people. After this Malaga officially became a part of the Crown of Castile.

The Feria de Malaga lasts for about 10 days and begins with the ‘Pregón de la Feria’ which is the official announcement of the opening of the festival which is read out by a famous local celebrity from the balcony of the town hall. The celebration of the festival has a large range of activities and events and you can choose to which of them to dedicate your time. During the day time you have an opportunity to get to know better the history and the culture of the city and visit museums and exhibitions which are opened during the whole week, to try traditional spanish food prepared according to the best old receipts and to get engrossed into the rich culture of Spain. As soon as it´ getting dark, the city impresses you with the beauty of lights and good music of all types to dance and just to enjoy.

 Apart from the Feria´s Program, Alhambra Instituto gives you a chance to discover Spain and to make several trips to the most interesting places, such as the Castle of Gibralfaro, Treasure Cave and different museum of Malaga (the Museum Thyssen, Picasso Museum, Interactive Museum of Music, Visit the Plaza de Toros and Bullfighting Museum, to the Arab Baths Hamman and to the Botanical Garden of the Conception.

 The best way to learn a foreign language is to get to know the traditions and customs of the country and to feel the originality of the way of life! Numerous concerts of famous artists, funny competitions, theatre performances, games and certainly Spanish Language with its beauty and grace are waiting for you right now!

Study Spanish and share with us the main event of the year with Alhambra Instituto!

Here is the video of Feria de Malaga 2013

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