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Alhambra Instituto’s Quality Guarantees

Alhambra Instituto’s Quality Guarantees

Alhambra Instituto’s Quality Guarantees

It’s easy for language schools to make promises when you are shopping for a course abroad.

You feel like you are going into the unknown not knowing before you arrive what you are buying. At Alhambra Instituto we guarantee our services so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

100% Price Guarantee

You can be certain that with us you won’t be paying over the odds because if you find a price lower than ours, for a comparable language Spanish language course in the same city, we will match it and also offer a discount of 20% off the enrollment fee!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied on arrival with any service, if you notify the secretariat within 24 hours we will rectify the problem within 2 working days. Please read our general conditions for further details.

  • YOUR CLASS- There is a limit of no more than 10 students in your class.
  • YOUR COURSE- The course that you book will be the course that you get.
  • CERTIFICATE-At the end of your course a certificate is awarded with details of your level (A1 – C2).
  • YOUR PROGRESS- A short weekly tutorial with a teacher will be available, in order to help you set and reach your learning outcomes.
  • SOCIAL ACTIVITIES-You will be able to enjoy at least three social activities every week to help you enjoy your stay.

100% Cancellation Guarantee

All fees are payable in advance. If you wish to cancel, change or postpone your booking, we require ten days’ notice in writing. Where less than ten days’ notice is given, full fees are due and no refund is available (with the exception of accommodation fees).

Protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances!

1. Standard Cancellation Insurance

is available for 5% of the total sum of the full program invoice, provides coverage for the cost of your course and accommodation, and is valid from the date of purchase until the end of your course. The insurance fee must be paid in full at the time of reservation and does not cover the enrollment fee, services already used at the time of cancellation, the cost of the insurance itself, or your travel costs.

Your cancellation insurance is personal, non-transferable, and can easily be applied to save you from stress in these situations: work, examination, proven illness by a Spanish doctor of the student following their arrival in Spain or proven illness in their home country prior to their arrival, pregnancy, or obligatory military service. Cancellation insurance will give you the security of knowing you will receive a refund within 15 days from date we receive your cancellation documentation, and will be transferred to the student’s account or account of origin

2. Premium Cancellation Guarantee

Pay 9% of the total invoice and you cancel for any reason.

Qualified Teachers

All our teachers are native speakers and hold a university degree

Close attention: 3-8 students per class

We guarantee to invest the greatest attention per student, no matter how many students enroll on each level. Within the Intensive and Super Intensive courses, there is an average of 5 students per group (guaranteed class limit of no more than 10) and in the One-to-One courses you will study alone or with a maximum of 3 other students in the group (reduction of the price).

Successfully pass the D.E.L.E. exam

By attending 90% of the classes for 12 weeks and further completing a 4 week DELE preparation course at Alhambra Instituto, we guarantee that you will pass the adequate level of the official DELE acquired throughout the course. If you don’t pass then Alhambra Instituto will provide you with 4 extra weeks of study, free of charge and will pay your re-examination fees.

Always at the right level: the course that you book will be the course that you get.

Alhambra Instituto offers Spanish courses at every level, from beginners to teachers of Spanish. If you find that your language level does not correspond with the level of your fellow students, just consult with the school’s Head of Studies and he will a check what level  of  Spanish you have already reached and suggest the course that will be suitable for you.

We achieve a high level of student satisfaction.

It is important that you feel at home throughout your stay. For this reason, if you do not feel happy during your first week staying with a host family, you may change to another family with no additional cost.

Continuous practice in Spanish

To help you take full advantage of your Spanish course, we won’t ever place more than 3 non-Spanish-speaking students with your host family

Always less than 15 minutes away

Your accommodation won’t be more than 15 minutes walking time away from the Alhambra Instituto school