Spanish Language Schools

Spanish Language Schools

malagaCatedralSS-700x320 Learning to speak Spanish in Spain is a novel idea.  After all, where would it be best to learn a language than from where it was originally spoken?

Many Spanish language schools in Spain not only provide very intensive and very comprehensive Spanish language courses, they also provide extensive cultural immersion such as field trips to further enhance the learning experience.

These cultural events may include trips to a Spanish Bull Fighting spectacle and visits to great examples of Spanish architecture such as the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, the Palace of Charles V, and the El Prado Museum.  Furthermore, these courses also provide plenty of free time for students to go out on their own and experience first hand all the great things that Spain has to offer.

malagaTeatroSS-700x320 There are some Spanish language schools in Spain that are somewhat expensive, but most however are very affordable.  There are those that offer programs that could last an entire summer, while others provide more flexible options that can last for just weeks at a time. Ask to Spanorama Languages for different sities or possibilities.

Studying in Spain provides plenty of course options for students.  It is possible to choose from Spanish language schools located in the capital city of Madrid and also from schools that are located elsewhere such as Malaga, the second city in Spain of popularity and number of foreings students all the year round in the coasline of Andalusia, the culture rich region of Spain.

Malaga is so popular city for study Spanish due to its rich cultural history and also for its sunny beach.  It is the birthplace of the great painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso.  It is a city that is located higher than the Mediterranean Sea and thus has one of the warmest winters in Europe.

Other cities that are a popular destination for Spanish language studies are Seville and Granada.

For lodging accommodations, students may go for a Host Family option and also the possibility of staying at a shared apartment or a hotel.

This host family option provides a unique and extraordinary way to further immerse the student in the Spanish culture and way of life.  It provides a venue for the student to immediately and consistently practice the Spanish language lessons he is learning.

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